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Weekend Wallpapers + poll

November 21, 2009 Leave a comment

I get a lot of visitors to this blog but very little feedback so I am interested in knowing more about who my readers are, so if you have a few minutes to take the poll below and tell me why you visit this site. It will also help me know what kind of content to post in the next few months and new year or reevaluate this blog altogether.

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Van-go, 4 days 3 countries

April 24, 2009 6 comments

A friend asked me to help bring their van from Serbia to Italy, lots of driving, all expenses paid and hooking up with friends all along the way- I did not need to think about it and was glad I didn’t.

Croatia-Serbia-Croatia-Slovenia-Italy, 1600 km of public transport and van driving. I would have driven it all the way to Spain had I been asked to.


A shot from the train to Zagreb, a lovely sunny/misty morning


Belgrade by night, did not have much time ot look around as we had a connection to catch but definitely will be back.

mike-singerMike singing to some friends in the city


Me on the camper in front of a old water tower in Vukovar that was a victim of the Serb/Croat war


Drivin’, not the fastest prettyiest thing in the world, actually we nicknamed it “the ugly date” but it was fun to drive for two days, would not buy it as my legs had a hard time under it and the colunm shift gave me a bruse from shifting into fourth banging into my knee.


Mike and I stopping at a local tavern in Slovenia for home made beer, not the most tasty, rather sweet and murky, but heck was it strong! timer shot.


Wanna live in that? a uniquely hideous flat in Trieste most of the first floors are way off the ground and all the view is just other flats.


It seems every hill in northern Italy has a castle on it, this was a rather nice one with the houses and vinyards below

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New Year, New Pic

January 10, 2009 Leave a comment

Well every day I wake up and say “this idea or pic would be great for the ol’ blog”, but never get around to doing it, it becomes history faster then ever these days. Here is a pic for all those New Year goals. The past year is all those old houses, yesterday’s success.  The sky is were we still want to go, the plane our dreams and were I want to go.


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The Rock will hold

May 18, 2008 3 comments

Yesterday we went to a local canyon with some guys from the other home where some of them did free climbing on small faces of rock, I took the opportunity to take pics of the nature and memory shots for the kids and guys climbing.

This is a bigger climb that we did not do that day but others were doing it so I thought it was good stock setting and shows how big The Rock is to us and our problems and our own ideas so small, He can hold our weight and help our problems simple as a rope.

(Click to enlarge)

One other philosophy thought while up on the top of the ridge waiting to take pics of our guys coming up higher then the tree line to take pics of them. Flowers growing on top of high peaks braving the wind and weather to be the shiny faces of nature they are intended to be even if no one ever sees them, these got to be photographed my me, many don’t yet they live their summer lives content on the Rock taking in the view.

(Click to enlarge)

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May 9, 2008 1 comment

The theory of sound goes that if there is no receivers to hear, even the greatest noise would fall silent.

This is yet another trip-off in the task of stock sound images, but part of my mental exploration of the project, had a busy day on other fronts and all but will do the photo grind work too, but will spare you all the pics here most probably. Been having good witnessing adventures and lives changed and seeds of faith taking root in people’s lives, which is my real job. But this is what I do for fun, sounds good :P, and an interesting topic to explore conceptually.

(click to enlarge) …and a blupper of my “elaborate set” and shadow, just for the fun of it.

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Hearing Shadows

May 7, 2008 1 comment

Yesterday I got a curious email from a great gal and fellow photographer to help with some pics of sound and music and restful pics as a favor, so I will be doing what I can. I played around a bit this morning with headphones and things I had around. As I was outside for natural light I had to make sure my shadow was not in the pic, then a thought came to me “why fight it, use it”, so I did for some. I don’t know if these are what she wants but they were fun “out of the box” photography norm that I liked them. Pray I get ideas and time for this little project for a Flora and a book on sound and peace.

(click on image to enlarge) Only earphones and my shadow, no PS. my shadow leaning over a whiteboard surface with the earphones on it. Not the easiest to get my hands and DSLR camera hidden in my head shape, could not see the pic as I was taking it, just had to guess and hold it still, just photo fun.

uncut look

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Christmas Presents…

May 1, 2008 1 comment

No, I have not forgotten what time of year it is. I was going to start with a, “nothing is wrong with my head”, but that would not be totaly accurate. I know it is not Christmas, but there was a little contest posted for Activated Christmas covers for ’08 so I thought I’d use it as a learning thing. I love pictures, I even enjoy taking them of everything, but oh how I loath setting up studio-like sets and photo shoots. Being that I do not live in either of the arctic poles and the fact that I waited nearly a day before the May 1st deadline there was no snow and not much but heavy leaves of spring in sight outdoors. I settled on pulling some Christmas decor boxes out and seeing what I could play with.

I take comfort in George Bernard Shaw’s logic of trying something over and over again till you finally get it right. In photography I am not there yet, but still trying. These are some attempts I sent in, remember, saw them first here.

Two different ideas, taken in three different shoots.

Here is a behind the scene look at my “set” (minus the messy room), to show you that you can do anything with nothing if you really want to.

By candle light.

Source material is a printed out pic from my shoot the night before, it’s an original idea, I think.

Baby and me, that’s really how it happened folks! Not the first Christmas of course, but the wee hours of May 1st in my room. Click to enlarge images.

Have fun, and enjoy the fact that it’s not Christmas time yet.

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