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Protected: eBook: Start-up to Success

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Protected: Social Club Start-up?

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Protected: Case Study: Why Albania Works

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Internal Ideas

November 7, 2009 1 comment

As many of you know I have not been blogging much for ages here, I hope to change that and will be adding a series of post on matters relating to a smaller audiance thenthe whole open web, I will not close this entirly but will password protect posts that I only want a limited number of people to read. I will still try to keep up some travel and photograph type things here to keep the thing going for all but my primary reason for this blog will be more targeted, good news for those of you who will get the password as I think you might enjoy more indepth views on things to come.

Writing my Mind

December 12, 2008 1 comment

I’ve started to write some of my thoughts and ideas. This project is not like others where I write opinions of views of scenarios but the mental process, struggles and mental “childbearing process” in my head. Might be dark, might be colorful, might be things you never thought of, and it might be things that fly in your head too that you never get around to putting down. My mind of late has been afloat with endless words, thoughts, ideas and observations that I just can’t ignore any more; it’s telling me to write them down, so I am. Not sure if or how you’ll ever see or read them but that is what is happening and one reason (other then a Christmas onslaught push) I do not post much here right now. It might be a flood after New Years or nothing, stay tuned!

Here is one sampling:

Anger to Answers

I was born with an extra dose of aggravation in my blood, I’d think it is hereditary some, yet my Scottish ancestral spirit helper Michael “Mick” McKenzie says “don’t blame it on me”, so I don’t. My father said that we, his sons had…

Got Photography

March 26, 2008 Leave a comment

Well as busy as I’ve been lately there is always time for a little more. It’s funny that when you get busy more ideas keep coming, I think work stimulates your mind even more, I’m not one who works on autopilot, ther is always more ideas and vision when you really explore all the options mentally, sometimes even physically and emotionally (with passion).

That said Photography is my passion, though far from an expert I do explore avenues to keep my mine thirsting for another frame and angle. Also in doing layout over the years on paper power’s cut n’ paste to computers copy (Ctrl+C, or apple+C on Mac) and paste (you get the point) pictures are often the make or break for our PR books, and presentation material.


I’ve launched this new blog (Got Photography) that I hope will help others to find out if nothing else what not to do and learn for my mistakes and pics and maybe learn something too, I call out to other Family photographers who would like to share their tips too to join the fun and everyone else to visit and maybe take part in a Got Challenge or just contribute random pictures now and then for the site.

The picture party starts here!

Presenting “The Baby”

March 11, 2008 3 comments

Well it’s been a few weeks since the Feast and we are working on some of the first meetings. Primarily we found we need to present our work more comprehensively as this home has an established work but needs to go other places to continue growth. We have printing contacts that are a blessing so we are trying to work on different ideas to bring our “ranching up to date” as far as making an impression during the first meeting. Here are a few mock-ups I worked on to show the home some possibilities in marketing our work professionally.

If anyone would like input (or “free consultation” as it’s called) on making something like this for your home or work just let me know, and I’ll get you started.


and a few more that are more photo centered, I love art and vector but at the end of the day I’m a photo guy and I think especially with charities and foundations it hits the mark more.