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GURU – Distortion Religion – Album Review


Loud is the first thing that comes to mind after recherchéing violently a few times on my eardrums, tympanic membrane and auditory nerve! Thankfully I got warning of this from Steve’s blog, I had to turn my sound on player to 43% just to listen to it on headphones, just to make it listenable, on a boom box it might heighten the experience but on a headset it makes a big difference in volume to other studio tracks. Once you have them on your mp3 player you might have to dive for the volume every time one of these songs come on when you add it to your playlist on shuffle if  you value your eardrums and want them to last at least the complete length of the album and beyond. Hard music is cool, being hard of hearing is just stupid! Don’t try to be cool and play it on full volume with headphones.

On the music side it is just an onslaught of vibes and beats that get you from invoking the matrix “Red Pill” parallel to the acid rock parody of Mary’s little lamb with “Mary’s little Lie” both to show our life is different from the world and why. It’s no-non-sense sound like it’s cover delivers and is something different yet again, but what we have come to expect from a project that includes Steve McNair.

@#@#(Explicit) the System (not read, at number, at number – ha)  is a rally call to do what the title suggests unabashedly as God’s called out ecclesia and leads the way with the thumping beats and screams to I’m loving to hate you/For the stench that you breathe and lies you conceive /My total rejection/Of the promise you gave to the lives you enslave/No time for discretion/I curse every mention of the system that make you want to storm the gates of hell that seep inside all of us with acceptance of worldly ways. This song works the conviction to the heart while the wiggles out of every bone in your body. The despairing tunes of “Reason With Myself” hopefully is a view of someone lost in the world, interesting tune but for those not familiar with Seattle’s 90’s music scene it might just seem like an off key dirge to more “cultured” ears.

Overall there is nothing exceptionally deep or profound, no huge dedication calls on this short album, but that is grunge/acid rock, and it is good they did not try to over spiritualize this style of music as its lyrics structure simply is not made for it. It is an arousing call to get off your ass and scream, shout and revolute, and I can see this being a wonderful addition to times when you just want to mosh with your friends at a party or heck even scream out in the car when stuck in traffic.

Downloading it from Steve’s blog (God told Lot to pinch His tits? maybe in the STEM bible -ha) gives you a lot of little extras that you will not get if you just download from The-Glitch or other sites, including a little explanation, news of future projects and all the lyrics, God bless you Steve, Shun and Taka, your our 6 great song Guru’s!

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