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Writing my Mind

I’ve started to write some of my thoughts and ideas. This project is not like others where I write opinions of views of scenarios but the mental process, struggles and mental “childbearing process” in my head. Might be dark, might be colorful, might be things you never thought of, and it might be things that fly in your head too that you never get around to putting down. My mind of late has been afloat with endless words, thoughts, ideas and observations that I just can’t ignore any more; it’s telling me to write them down, so I am. Not sure if or how you’ll ever see or read them but that is what is happening and one reason (other then a Christmas onslaught push) I do not post much here right now. It might be a flood after New Years or nothing, stay tuned!

Here is one sampling:

Anger to Answers

I was born with an extra dose of aggravation in my blood, I’d think it is hereditary some, yet my Scottish ancestral spirit helper Michael “Mick” McKenzie says “don’t blame it on me”, so I don’t. My father said that we, his sons had…

  1. December 29, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Jayman – I will certainly keep you in my prayers as you write it down. Seems we may know some of the same crowd – my spirit helpers are Finn McCool and Ossian, and a few others that I know of – Merry Christmas!

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