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Discipleship 2.0

Recently I’ve been reading back over older letters and series like “The Weakness Revolution – How You Can Make It! pt 1-3” (1998) and “You Can Make It” pt 1-2 (1999)

The interesting thing about reading old letters aside from the fact that the Word is just as good and applicable today is that it shows how far we have come, how this was a real purging time and years of the “bottom line” and how the Family and us as individuals are better prepared for the coming days. It’s been ten years since most of these letters and for those of us old enough to remember the first read and times when and what we were doing it is good to read them again and see how far we have come and for future kids and joinies it is interesting to see how this was preparing us for working more with the spirit world and the next generation disciple. If the early MO letters were the foundation of our faith with several updates and service packages this was the start of a real new version were things begin to really change, and not spiritual “patches” but a reload of discipleship that we all needed. Many could not take the new version, had hardware that was outdated or not compatible, help us always to be for the updates and reformats that we need to facilitate farther discipleship change in our minds, hearts and lives!

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