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An eeeasy PC?

asus_eee_pc_narrowweb__300x3412Today I helped someone with their new mini PC so I approached it as a product test drive, here is my assessment.

As far as practical and light it was wonderful, what you right away feel is the wall, there is no desktop and task bars for people familiar with other full PCs. This is basic to the bone, not only that but most (if not all) of the options are Internet driven, so no Internet, no use. I would have thought there at least would be some kind of writing editor on there so you can write notes on a bus or train where there is no signal, there was only google docs, and like all google products you need Internet connectivity.

I like the keyboard, it was small but still usable even with my large hands, not sure how it would be after writing long emails and blog posts but it is primarily a web tool, but even that was impaired with the lack of screen you actually get or fitting the page size to the browser so you do not need to scroll both horizontally and vertically, it’s just to much. which brings me to another point, there is no right and left clicks on the mouse touch pad making things a bit frustrating.

I’m guessing these are just web toys, they do not have CD or DVD ROMs in them only USB and Ethernet access so you need to bring pics, movies or songs to it with a USB flash drive or some other media like external HDD, I did not try sound or graphic capabilities on this one.

Really this should not be billed as a “mini PC” but a web tablet in folding PC style. really if you have 300 dollars get your self a handheld an portable keyboard for it as overall those have more functions at least at this time. This kind of thing is still in infancy and i really have doubts it will even be a viable option for long as full size computers keep dropping in price and people know the difference from a PC that can do as much as long as a desktop and one that only looks like one.

I’d see the use of this in my photography to view back pics as it is bigger then my LCD screen on my camera and maybe to check mail on the go and web surf but really I;d send that money on any number of things before this.

asus_eee_2As for a “affordable PC for the worlds poor”, I’d say, we can do better then this, really, it might be great for a poor school provided they have Internet for the web, mail, wikipedia, and google docs, messenger, world clock(?) and Skype, but it will just get them frustrated for the above mentioned reasons, and for those reasons also it is not as great a gift for your older child that you might think it could be.

I just spent an hour trying to help a middle aged woman how to turn it on and get on a network and google search and it is a painful bunch of steps compared to my old XP computer I’m writing this from. Developing schools just need an equivalent to MicroSoft’s Notpad/Wordpad (with a spell check) a Calculator, and Paint to do school and be creative, they don’t need Internet driven content as these big international companies seem to think. as for the rest of us it just fills another small gap in our consumer imagination for something new and different, something more we might wish we could have that we do not really need or serve us much lasting purpose.

  1. November 15, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    Why not install Ubuntu or WinXP for that matter? I’ve never been a big fan of netbooks for myself as it just seems too small for my main workstation.

    Seem that even without changing the OS you could add Open Office.

  2. iminluvwithjesus
    December 15, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    Dude!! Didn’t you see the tabs on top? The first one is internet stuff but there’s also Work, Learn, Play and the others. And as far as word editing it’s got OpenOffice (albeit a reduced version but still useful enough). The only problem is that they don’t make it easy to add programs. But besides that it does everything you need for “normal” work (that is excluding video/audio/graphic editing or other such processor intensive tasks).

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