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A mental round-up

Well it has been so long since a proper post I thought I’d just use this to wrap up thoughts in my head for you all.

Newsletter: Some have gotten my first little newsletter that i did at the beginning of the month for those interested in seeing it you can contact me and I’ll send it to you and add you to my mailing list if there is another one. Thank you all who have commented and replied so kindly, if I have forgotten to thank anyone personally I do so here.

Books/Writing: I have been stuck on the “40 years of family music” book for some time in the MWM era, so much InfoStore reading on that time and it is very complex. Does not look like it will be done by the end of this year anymore.

On other writing I have started to keep a book of “that’s a novel idea” of things that come to mind or visual things I see or hear on a daily basis that might be useful if i ever get around to writing a novel. so many things happen every day and so they will start to be written down, if you are near me you might end up in book, like i ever will have time, but it is a good mental exercise and better to have it and not need it I think.

I wrote a tourist story for a magazine and still waiting to see/hear if I win anything (Nikon cameras) if I get in the top three places.

Thinking of writing lyrics to a song, never done anything like that before, but worth a try since there are musicians in my home, not sure on what yet.

Photos: My camera has a blog! since “Canonetta” is nearly one year old and we do so much together I started a new blog of pics so to not crowd this one out to much with pictures of everything I do, but that one will.

Home: lots is happening with our youth band, a concert on the 27th that I am helping logistically with, music is the key and we are meeting many youth already.

Layout is never done, endless Offencive things to do, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is still a long way off.

Listening: Sprit Tree band just relessed a 10 track album (Creation to Caos) that is pretty cool, will review it soon for this blog, you can find 5 sample tracks at thier site: http://www.myspace.com/spirittreeband or thier official site at http://www.spirittreeband.com

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