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Exit the System

July 15, 2008 3 comments

Well, we just came back from another wonderful witnessing experience at Exit. Every time is different but the same high of happiness and joy of living for others. I will not post a photo diary like years past as there was to much to see and do for one blog post. I did take lots of pictures that I have posted here and here . We did “free hugs” and real rockin’ street music with like seven guitars and three drums, and a box skit, a real blast and many many souls and people brought to decisions.

It’s still a revolution!

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The K of Comic

July 5, 2008 Leave a comment

Ever read one of these? Fantasic reads, it is clearly a gift this guy has to make average ideas into iconic thoughts, the small guy with lots of ball…point pens, he does have lots of courage too to buck the trends and every teacher in the world who scolds kids for doodling on papers, he is the ultimate doodler supremo!

His wit and use of using words so cleverly out of normal context is one of the things that got me fascinated with creative writing, I lived with this idea powerhouse, yet geniusly mortal fellow back in the day when this was a rather taboo concept to draw and write all over the pages, the HTKs were not doing it so it was not in the Word, thankfully the Zine picked it up and he has been one of my favorite parts of the XN, they are all classic names, places and abstract details to get you to think a little bit more about what it is you are reading are fantastic!

Dave, where ever you are, keep doing what you do with your wonderful family! The world is counting on these.

Were taking lots of these tracts for summer witnessing in different languages I’m sure you’d love to see and hear, they are not Tibetan aardverk herders, but just as fun.

Web link to the man and the message:

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