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Black n’ Blue

Well for a long time now we have been in our home all white, no one really pushed for it but it just stayed an all white wall home, kind of like a mental hospital feel. With home improvements in vogue now in light of more visitors color has been many of our dream. while in the US my dad made his cabin all grey tones, that matched beautiful with his wife’s hair but not for me. While doing the other home a few weeks ago I thought of and orange and blue combination as they were not sure if it was going to be a girls or boy room and those colors are more impact. the home did not go for it and we went with a tint of creamy sunshine yellow.

Back at home we were going to start with the garage turned boys room, yes it too was all white and other colors from age. Us guys did some web research, throw around ideas then got to work.

Change is never easy, and after seeing in only white for ten years some of the home took a bit of time to come around but they did and the room is clean and fresh in new colors.

They say the presence of all color is black, so that was a good place to start. Not the usual color, so we knew we needed to do it first to make a clean break with change. It was a half wall that had a funny use so we decided we were going to make it a gallery wall, I take photos and the other boys do music so hopefully it will have a combination on it to show who we are etc.

Rock hall look? not sure.

‘To Walk on Water’ and ‘Hope Floats’? Maybe. Probably just take pics of them or the instruments and frame them, or color artwork from the Mo site.

‘ ya an’t got to be black to be blue’. The color bucket while mixing our next adventure

What I hate about painting color is that people are afraid of it, and do these little hints that are barly differant then white. If people can’t tell what color it is, then it is not a color. We thought blue was a good color for two of the small walls and a devider we have so we went real blue. We had a song called “Boys room blues” for some time so now we have it on the boys room ble walls too, maybe we should inscribe the lyrics on the wall too-ha.

Many other little things were done too, I will post a finished pic once the room is finally back together.

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  1. nyx
    July 8, 2008 at 3:18 am

    Oooh, love the blue pic But thought it was a wall before reading….

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