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Faith of Our Fathers

Recently I’ve come to the realization that we are not getting any younger, one of the things that helped trigger this with me was talking to another SGA who was talking about when his kids move away, as if it were going to be within the decade. In his case it probably will, he’s already got an eleven year old.

What I mean is “those teens of the end” that I envisioned blasting signs in the sky right alongside our parents has been changed a bit over time. Not only are most of my generation having kids, but also starting to have teens as well. Our parents, have nearly all become grandparents for some time now, are getting on in age too and all too often there is a notice that another one that has been called home to their very deserving rewards.

The vision might start looking a bit different, not only once we all start peering through reading glasses or bifocals. We are not teens anymore, age, weight, balding, ailments and gravity will all take their toll on our teen-no-longer bodies. Our own teens might decide to lead other lives then we had envisioned for them or worse, become apostates just like our generation experienced, history has a way of repeating itself. What should not change is our faith, that of our fathers and mothers, some of whom have died in faith, dieing is easy, it’s the living in faith we battle doubts about and drives some to spiritual suicide, and yet others to spiritual homicide.

We have the privilege of the sample of those that have gone before to follow and will continue on even if we are not the teens calling fire from heaven, who cares, we will be a part of training those that will, by faith.

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