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Christmas Presents…

No, I have not forgotten what time of year it is. I was going to start with a, “nothing is wrong with my head”, but that would not be totaly accurate. I know it is not Christmas, but there was a little contest posted for Activated Christmas covers for ’08 so I thought I’d use it as a learning thing. I love pictures, I even enjoy taking them of everything, but oh how I loath setting up studio-like sets and photo shoots. Being that I do not live in either of the arctic poles and the fact that I waited nearly a day before the May 1st deadline there was no snow and not much but heavy leaves of spring in sight outdoors. I settled on pulling some Christmas decor boxes out and seeing what I could play with.

I take comfort in George Bernard Shaw’s logic of trying something over and over again till you finally get it right. In photography I am not there yet, but still trying. These are some attempts I sent in, remember, saw them first here.

Two different ideas, taken in three different shoots.

Here is a behind the scene look at my “set” (minus the messy room), to show you that you can do anything with nothing if you really want to.

By candle light.

Source material is a printed out pic from my shoot the night before, it’s an original idea, I think.

Baby and me, that’s really how it happened folks! Not the first Christmas of course, but the wee hours of May 1st in my room. Click to enlarge images.

Have fun, and enjoy the fact that it’s not Christmas time yet.

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  1. florecita
    May 7, 2008 at 11:41 pm

    I hate studio shots as well. I detest setting up lights.

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