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Precious Little – album review

For those that don’t know this newest album (2006) from Jeremy Spencer it is because it has not been done by Aurora label but Blind Pig of Norway.

There are many reviews on the web for this as it is a mainstream album and can be bought on Amazon and other sites with all the technical words for this kind of music that I honestly do not know so I’ll review it a little differently.

This showcases what I have been fortunate to know all these years, I was reading the jacket tonight and read what the album producer Jostein Forsberg said about hearing his songs when he was young and then missing it for 33 years, well I consider myself fortunate to have lived and heard Jeremy’s music all of my 31 years. It’s interesting how our perspectives are so different but appreciation the same, he is a legend that I am glad the world is finally able to know and enjoy free from all the rock scene and band lures for big bucks that befell previous attempts of his to record commercially. He has hit the right note this time in just using what God has given him in the simple style and rhythm and gift of sound for the Lords glory, and that is what is sending reviews around the world.

For those of us that have seen him on various videos (someone dug up old “Forever Young” concert video the other night from 1990 that was fun to see again) and CDs and India concerts he has been a mainstay and a founding father of our unique music history but I think I will always mostly remember all he went through, one of the few who had a career that joined in the early days and it meant little to him for the great rewards he exchanged it for, I’m sure his musical influence and artwork have had an impact in each and every child over the last 30 years and will continue to for generations, we are the precious little he sings of, and the biggest winners here.

Though the media is saying this is his comeback album I think it is just a little blessing for all his forsaking. God say what we forsake he will repay in this life and in the next and this is a little bit of blessings for him and blues lovers everywhere, his love and passion for Him (Dr. J) and others (Serene Serena, Precious Little) flies off every note.

With 12 tracks of blues it is seldom that you feel it is not enough, but that is Precious Little. Will there be precious more? Let’s hope so; we know he’s good for it.

Hear samples here. Also cycles on The Glitch radio. Though this is one is mostly for the world of blues.

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