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Lost in Lilliput?

Ever feel that your ideas and visions set sail like giants only to be shipwrecked on the shores of Lilliput?

So many times our very own brainchildren are miscarried or aborted due to lack of exploring the far corners and full mental possibilities of our own capabilities (and the Lords inspiration), and we settle on inferior or sometimes nothing at all for lick of willingness to set sail in troubled or unsure waters. We run a ground on our own or others well meaning but dead wrong “flat world” theories of what we think a situation is without actually proving it for real.

Our homes and the Family depend on us to be the very most we can, not the very safest or popular. Break the bands of the small-minded six inch imps and set sail to where the biggest of your dreams seem small in the realm of greater beings then we now know. Then, and only then will we be truly thinking out of the box, and freed from the confines of our own limitations, and recycled mental pulp!

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