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Band/Karaoke openmike

Home activity night comes around and it is Open Mike in groups that have to chose a Family band without knowing what song to perform. They were not pre-chosen, just every three people as we sat down in the room and then we had to choose the band and get props in about 20 minuets. We were then given a Family song to sing to with only a minus one of the songs, InfoStore was handy for the lyrics on a laptop as a text prompter. I’ll let the pics talk for themselves as we thankfully do not have any video clips or audio of the event-ha.

First up we had “LES EN FANTS DE DIEU” singing “Lifeblood”




Then we took the stage as “THE GYPSY BAND” from TSC with”Traditional Chains”



Ahhhh, Ahhhh, at the chorus, some of the few words we knew that were in our key, was pure ear pain for everyone else.


We need MORE COWBELL! I think I’m musically changed even with them, there is this silly rhythm thing that you have to keep, it kind of cramps my “style”

Then we had a throwback to MWM with STARS N’ BEGGARS singing “Song of Victory”



Then we had one more current band of none other then the illustrious POA singing “My Little Rose” and an encore of “When You Posses Me”.






All sung and screamed out it was a nice way to go down history and music lane with a few laughs, and I think we are appreciative of all that Family bands and artists do to get us quality music. If it was left to us there would not be much of a legacy we have today.

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  1. April 28, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    lol! groovy idea. Methinks we’ll try it out next time for one of our activity nights … and yes, definitely no audio recordings of it 😉

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