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Family turns 40

February 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Well The Family turns 40 today, 31 of them trying to keep up with me and put rules in place to help me not stray to far away. For the most part they have helped me and many others and that’s why we’re still here. Now we need to be here for others and this will be a wonderful time to come as we become the most outgoing and open movement ever reaching others for Him and spawning new cells of Christians around the world like never before.

We went for a hike today to celebrate the day and went into a small set of caves, I took my camera and here are some pics.

cave1.jpg cave2.jpg cave3.jpg

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Darker Tones (wallpapers)

February 2, 2008 1 comment

I don’t know what it is, maybe the weather of late but I’ve found some of my recent pics have a darker tone to them, it also brings out light better. Been counseling druggies and clinically depressed friends lately maybe that’s why but I think darkness is needed in our life to enjoy the light.

Here they are to celebrate WordPress’ new move of giving us bloggers here 3GB free storage space means I can now load larger images and thumbs so you can view and/or save lager pics of mine that I post here.

When happy spring comes to these parts I’ll photograph those, I love colors too (see my banner), these you can view full size and add quotes/verses/keys to if you like, I just have a hard time doing so as the artist as I think the picture must speak for itself and everyone will get different things out of it if they are not made to assume one thought due to the context of the quote, but if you want to, please go ahead. they are big enough for computer wallpapers, screen saver pics etc one the “centered” option, though not high resolution, maybe in the future if I have a better internet conection.

     gotblues-600.jpg lightspot-600.jpg

      peace-600.jpg morning-600.jpg

This one is a little different but I framed it the same.


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