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Metal Matters

Listening to: “Love” by Salt of the Earth (Live at Wordstock ’07)

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Writing/compiling: It’s The Music: Our National Treasure (40 years of Family music)

heavy-metal.jpgIt’s been awhile since I’ve written on music largely due to the seismic tremors this wave of Heavy Metal flood has been sweeping through the musical airwaves of Family bands and subsequently studios, music video feeds, download sites and eventually my headphones.
It’s worth mentioning here that it is not my style, in the past I have stated this clearly so there is no need to do so again in this post. My question is who is avidly listening/benefiting from them?

I would like to open this up to a discussion and I personally would be willing to chat, Skype or email with individuals or band members willing to talk about this matter, be they musicians, bands, teens, just listeners, or complaining parents. Let’s sit down and talk about it, and depending on the turn-out I’ll post some of it here on this blog for all.

I live in a home with every age group represented and I can’t find someone interested in Heavy Metal, from musically progressive FGA’s, wild new disciples, ex-system music-junky SGA’s (of which I’m one), multi-pierced teens, or computer savvy third generation kids.

Are we missing the new move in Family music? Or is this just a sub-genre like rap or techno that never really “sticks” to the broader Family audience? I like hard music, I’m a real hard rock fan and was very glad and ecstatic when this kind of music was introduced, but I can’t seem to wrap my head around these forms of sound combinations and vocal intensity songs. Please enlighten me!

It seems to mean something important to a lot of very dedicated YA’s and SGA’s (XD CORE sub-generation) and thus I can’t seem to shake it from my mind without hearing the other side. Please tell me why metal matters to you. I refuse to let my initial reactions and musical preferences interfere with engaging in a sincere and honest discussion that might be beneficial to others as well.

If you would like to help enlighten me (and my readers) leave a comment expressing such and I will contact you via your email with a few Q&A’s, anonymous posts will not be answered.

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  1. January 21, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    I have to agree with you. I enjoy rock, some hard rock or punk (read STEM), but I can’t understand the lyrics or point behind some of the ‘balls to the wall’ type songs that are coming out. Honestly, I go for lyrics, if they’re so abstract or screamed out in a way that makes me want to run the other way, I don’t get fed by it. Yes, I was a system music junkie as well, but the reason the Lord got me off and told me to stay off (with few exceptions) is because I get fed by music. Honestly, I wasn’t into rock much before getting into Family rock, so I can’t imagine wading through that kind of garbage in the system, but to me there’s no difference in sound or even in the spirit of some songs done these days in the Fam. Good for you for researching the Word on the subject and not just grumbling about it. If you need any help, let me know 😉

  2. florecita
    January 28, 2008 at 3:40 pm

    I’m simply bored of it.

    But I did work with a teenager who had negativity/ system input issues and the Family’s heavy music helped him wean himself off system music and eventually make progress with negativity. I mean, it still drove the home crazy but at least he was screaming “embrace the light”.

  3. February 15, 2008 at 9:01 am

    Heavy metal feels like an inner soul scratch. When I have a deep inner soul itch, I run (like actually run. With running shoes and everything) to heavy metal. The clashing of all the instruments is a release. I assign each of the screams and clashes to a different emotion and as the sound ends, it deflates some of my over inflated outbursts and lets the air out of the pressure valve.

    Its like standing on the top of a high mountain, taking a deep breath and screaming into the wind. Except it comes with rhythmic chugs and deep throated choruses.

    Its like the extreme of rock and as far as it is safe to go into it – I will.

    It’s not for all the time, and I enjoy a good loud Beethoven’s 5th almost as much.

    But there are certain inner itches that can only be reached by metal and the way it sounds like the interests of the instruments are clashing, but they’re so driven by their march forward that they somehow stay in unity.

    I could go on. I love metal.

    I prefer slightly more melodic metal. But I just love the intensity. I can’t be as intense as I would like in real life – so I live the intensity vicariously through metal.


    I’ll stop now. I’m really actually very Godly though and I always take my most intense of intensities to my Lover. Sometimes though, it helps to let off some steam before I storm His gates with my haughty statements. Then when I go to…ahem “visit” Him, I can better channel my intensity into passion instead of frustration.

    I know that doesn’t make sense.

    I’m really stopping this time.

    bye bye!

  4. cia
    March 15, 2008 at 9:46 am

    the teens in my home loooove it.
    the adults don’t sweat as they know its’ “family”

  5. Neo
    March 20, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    To me, metal is an extreme. It is the top of the totem poll as far as rock style music can get. I have very wide musical tatses & can listen to just about anything (well….there’s a few styles that I can’t leten too but I’ll ignore them), but right now i am fully caught up in the metal era. I think it is something that is needed to fullfill the tastes of all members. We need to have an alternative to every style/genre of system music that we can, so that we can keep our young people/teens off of the junk out there. Metal gives me a sort of electric shock. It is very emotioned-drenched style of music. The whole screaming/wild drums & guitar thing just pulls you to a feeling of extreme power & feeling & emotion. Dad says that music should make you mad, sad, or glad, and metal takes these to new hights. You’re mad at the devil & the system? Don’t wisper it nicely & politely, SCREAM IT! You’re glad to be a child of God, winning the world for him? Don’t secretly tell the person next to you, SCREAM IT on the rooftops! You’re sad that someone you love left the Lord’s service? Don’t mope in your room, SCREAM IT.
    And that’s all I have to say about metal. Cheers

  6. Mila
    March 30, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    Thank you fr bringing this topic up. In my home I do lots of activities with teens. I don’t mind them listening to all this “noise” that I (to be very honest )often dislike as much as they want to. If they learn from it word based things – I am all for it. But if it is the only type of music that we would produce or only type of music that they would listen to, then I will be seriously worriyng about their musical taste, musical preferences or even musical intelligence (if you can say it like that).
    It has to be big choice of types and styles of music, not only old, but newly made as well, then we all will benefit from it more!

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