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Home Vacation Vol3 (holiday on ice)

We had planed a hike and cave trip for the third day and picnic but it was rainy so we got an idea to call and see if we could provision the local ice rink. it does not get cold enough for natural ice here but they put up a tent with a rink of man-made ice. It was raining but still +9 outside and below inside. A bunch of us went including the kids making for a fun time together. Here are some pictures, I did not take much time taking pics like I usually do as I only get an oppertunity to skate about once a year, so I lent it to others who where taking time off on the sidelines so these are pics from a combination of people, most of which who did not know anything about taking pics with my DSLR.


I’m not sure what I was doing when someone snapped these pics but I know the talent scouts will know the French sounding names for these complex moves and will be wanting to launch me into a solo career in no time.


Our ice train of most of our team.


I took my camera “live” trying to capture the feeling of movement from on the ice.

We got back home after two hours on the ice very tired and ready for the last vacation day at home taking extra rest and Word, and ready for another year!

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