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I’m back ya’ll!

Yes, I touched down back in Europe after about 30 days in the US of A. A lot of experiences and things there that I do not have time to tell all right now, but hopefully there will be some back posts or photo e-books and pictures filtering out from the many places and pictures I was able to take during that time and all the new and old friends I was able to met over the last month.

Rather then get into a lot of writing I thought I’d post some pics of the trip and the diversity of it all, enjoy!

Houston at first light on the way to the airport.


Rural Texas along the I-10


Just testing out my new gear


I took a flight to Detroit and got there to see snow and the sunset while waiting for my flight to Europe.


Who says isle seats are bad? If you are thinking about the legroom and knee-bonking by trolly’s and people you are right but I was fortunate to spend that time with these great guys who were on their way to Africa (Nigeria and Ethiopia) for vacation, they all work/study in the medical field and live in the US and I being the only white do not even live there. But that is our world and I was glad to have spent some time in “my country” and also glad to see others going to experience other cultures too.


Got to see the sun rise in Amsterdam on my way being bused to our small plane bound for Venice and along the way got to fly over the Alps on a clear day.


Once there I got on a train to Italy’s northern port city of Triest where I had 3 hours wait for a bus to Croatia, sure I was jet-laged and just plain tired but there are always things to see and having a camera I used the time to keep myself awake by walking around the beautiful town, and yes a few breaks by the seaside relaxing and marveling at all that can happen in one day.



Budget traveling can have its ups too, like seeing so many different things in a short time. That said it is nice to be back home.

Christmas is right around the corner and there is so much to do here, will be blogging that soon too.

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  1. December 10, 2007 at 6:40 am

    Nice to have you back! So happy you got a camera, will be looking forward to your pictures; I’m sure being in a new place this C-mas will facilitate that nicely. We miss you!

  2. December 23, 2007 at 4:13 pm

    Nice pictures. So many beautiful places…pretty cool.

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