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Final days work

November 6, 2007 1 comment

last few days before I take a trip to the USA for reunion and legal work. we got the flooring and roofing and have been working like crazy to get it done. thankfully some of the boys will keep doing the smaller things while I am gone and we will finish the fasade and steps when i get back in December.




starting to look like a little house.

tomorrow I take a train to Venice (no time to see it this time, maybe on the way back), sleep the night in the Amsterdam airport and then the long haul west to Detroit and finally Texas a day later. will blog more once I recover.

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coming together

November 4, 2007 Leave a comment

Yet one more post about this project, at least we have a name for it now “Project Phoenix”, the owner who has been through so much this last year since the lose of his old cottage that he is just so happy to come and chop wood and see the progress we are making on his new little place. I have done many projects for others but never seen it mean so much to someone, it just encourages me to want to do more and at the end I think we shall have a great place and a great gift for this dear one. The Phoenix from the ashes this little place is rising and soaring and glowing better then then ever before, a few more days of great weather like we have been having and will have a great crib!


Gold and Green is the look, I saw it in a book and it looked different so thought I’d try it here. Anyone who knows me knows I hate painted wood (thus the whole Red Chair project) but this old door really needs the protection and we are leaving the natural look inside.


A look from front to back, and where the balcony window/door will be.


Just thought I’d get a pic with the house in the background.


I built up little stone wall to support what will be the front deck and made a little bench at the end of the balcony to sit or put plants on, God is in the detail.

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