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No I have not become the latest victim of blogging burnout but my computer has which will make blogging all the harder in the next few months or till I can see how I or the Lord can provide another one.

It really does not make your day to see your computer smoking like a coffee pot right when your trying to finesh up some work but that’s life, and sometimes death (RIP Oldtimer).

I’d gottne used to being a Photographer without a camera and now I’m a computer/layout guy without a computer but still a missionary with a mission so all hope it not lost it just feels really weird not having one, but guess it is all for the best and I hope to get out a blog or two anyways.


I do not know who designs these but having the main power lines behind the fan only fuel fire and if I had not been there to see the smoke being pumped out of the back of my compuer power supply then it would have been a big fire and meltdown. you can’t clean your power supply box normaly, many people blow with balloon pumps into it but it it is under warrenty you cant break the seal and if it is not you can get a nasty shock trying to mess in them, next comp I’m going to pay more attention to that and not just the other hardware.

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