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And up we go!

Another day, true to his word the landowner shows up for work and clearing some of the debris and a tree stump of the tree I axed down for him a few weeks back. He decides that it needs to go and proceeds to get to work at the roots and uproot it, he stays at it all day till evening and gets rewarded with the stump fully removed.

I don’t have any crew today as they had to do other things and go on the road etc so I work on finishing the wall 1 and devising how it will stand without the other three and not take us over the edge if something goes wrong. We opted to make two pieces of it and take them at different times, that plan worked, thankfully and we got extra help and got them up.

Day 7


That worked so I and my afternoon help completed the other side too and secured that too, still missing a few diagonal pieces but tomorrow we should get those and the other wall up too. You can see the guys working the root there in front of the structure.


Getting to big for this view!


The concrete forms of last months work support the main high wall and balcony. We will make a few steps and a boardwalk over those old boards and keep a wood pile under the balcony. We are just doing the big stuff now, there will be time for some of the finer things. We got double glass and shutters for the balcony too, so it will be one swell joint once we are done.

Tomorrow is another day.

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