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One notch at a time

well here are some pics from the last few days building project. Yesterday the crew was there (one guy even came in off a rest day), the land owner came by too and said he would come and help too. It’s nice to see when you have something going how everyone come together, then so do the projects, many hands make light work!

Day 6


The day before one of the guys and I brought some of the foundation logs down the hill to see how they looked so toda we came with this look and one nice day ahead of us.

day6_2.jpg By days end we had all the 8 foundation beams notched and in place the red boxes being extra areas as the logs were longer then ordered. We will have a boardwalk (left) in front by the front door and a balcony on the far end half the length of the house.


A look at the site, with my crew preparing the wall uprights for tomorrow and the biggest wall 3 meters (10′) tall that will sit on the edge of the cliff and balcony side.

long day behind us, I crash at 8:30 pm

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  1. Angela
    October 25, 2007 at 8:47 pm

    You are doing a wonderful job, and also paying back all those dear handymen who trained you back in the combo days, GBY! It’s so inspiring to watch you work with such gusto, and also seeing that teenage son of mine getting involved and using up some (only some) of his energy. And…also finding out all your other talents!
    So happy to have you in our home!!!!

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