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Knock on wood

It’s funny the way the Lord works, always wanted to build a big house like this one but it was never the right time or place, then i moved here in the winter and hear of this project and hoped to have it done in the summer, now it is Fall and we are just getting started, it’s colder and all but He must have a plan.

Someone called me “the builder” the other day and I did not think much of it as, yes, I am the main one building but then I remembered that I am just the worker, the foreman is upstairs, it’s His project and timing and that is a wonderful thing. I get all worked up and frustrated with the guys in our home (that make up my crew for this project), they know I love ’em!

I’m just thankful that I had the chance to learn some building things and someone had patience with me too and a troubled teenager as I was working crew in the big combo construction projects we did in Asia in the 90’s.

Day 5


6 meter (18 foot) beams 16 cm (7″) thick, getting notched for the foundation structure that will sit on the 9concreat footings we already have in place, weather coating as we hope they will be there for the next few decades, at least. This has been all hand tool work as we are getting power tools on Monday.


A look at the sight with the red lines indicating were and how the new place will sit, nice quite forest spot but logistically not so fun as there is no road for cars or trucks and everything has to be carried down, we’ll have all the wood down there Monday and rock on and hopefully get it done in a week or so, then it is US of A trip for me for a few weeks.

Thought of the day

“Before you judge a man, follow him home and see where he lives”


Not sure how it goes but thought of it as I went to this old fishing settlement the other day with an elderly man who said his dad built them their fishing cabin here when he was 10 years old, truly humbling to see the simple things of life in this way, it’s been a long time since i was in Asia and saw things like this. It is not a slum, no one lives there permanently but it is just so simple and things from 50-100 years ago are still used as common place, just old pensioner fishermen living out their last few years in style.

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