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Macro Moments

Well it has been a storm of a week doing this calender project but now that most of the manual labor part of it is done I almost have time to think and getting over a sleep debt but i’ll leave you with a few pictures i took to fill in the calender around the wonderful mountain, beach and scenic pics the other 3 great photographers sent me making my job so much easier.

I don’t consider flowers “art” but many people like them so I used some macro pics of them for quotes that were hard to describe in other pictures I had, here are a few i have that won’t be in it just because it is not a flower only calender.




Yesterday I was tired of it all in the office after a week so went for a walk to the seaside, along the way took many pics and some of the harbor village during dusk, the lighting was not the best but took many pics (199 after deleting error shots, thank God for 1GB cards!) here are some a bit different, as i took boat pics for the calender but plaied with the macro features on this little borrowed camera and got some of these shots, not bad for someone who does not even own a camera :P.




Word to the wise

Don’t cut chillies and then take a shower, the acid does not wash off that fast and it birngs a whole now definition to “taking a chilli shower”.

Something to think about

Are blogs dieing? the once “hotspot blog” Hobbyns is now an add farm, Mike+Nina have retired theirs to a empty page, and even has got Haven lamenting “I’m so tired of blogging” after not entering a post on her blog for two weeks! are ou tired of blogging, has it run out of steam?

(you can find links to all these blogs on the side, i did no bother to link dead blogs)

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  1. November 11, 2007 at 1:03 am

    Super nice pictures, J. That little house is coming out pretty nice too…See ya.

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