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Building takes time

October 27, 2007 Leave a comment

Yes we are still building.

With my computer down and bad weather there has been slow progress but we are still working on, in the words of the owner “his paradise”, for us we just call it worktime but is becoming some what of a home for us and taking shape, here or some recent pics.

Day 11

Some of the wall put up and covering for the roof for now till we acquire roofing, double door in center.


The balcony side with a little balcony, soon to be steps that will lead down to a boardwalk and rock steps to another level of the property,railings all custom cut from 2×4’s. Will have double glass balcony doors too soon and siding.


A differant view from below with balcony side and little cave below

Day 12

the plastic cover we had on filled up with water so we took the day to get the under roof up, thankfully we had some help and even others came for some time to get it all done in one day.



down the middle


…tomorrow is another day!

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October 18, 2007 Leave a comment

No I have not become the latest victim of blogging burnout but my computer has which will make blogging all the harder in the next few months or till I can see how I or the Lord can provide another one.

It really does not make your day to see your computer smoking like a coffee pot right when your trying to finesh up some work but that’s life, and sometimes death (RIP Oldtimer).

I’d gottne used to being a Photographer without a camera and now I’m a computer/layout guy without a computer but still a missionary with a mission so all hope it not lost it just feels really weird not having one, but guess it is all for the best and I hope to get out a blog or two anyways.


I do not know who designs these but having the main power lines behind the fan only fuel fire and if I had not been there to see the smoke being pumped out of the back of my compuer power supply then it would have been a big fire and meltdown. you can’t clean your power supply box normaly, many people blow with balloon pumps into it but it it is under warrenty you cant break the seal and if it is not you can get a nasty shock trying to mess in them, next comp I’m going to pay more attention to that and not just the other hardware.

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October 17, 2007 1 comment

Today was not one of those big progress ones but as I was working on the main door side it took more thinking work to get it right and plan how I will line up the angle on the roof. Only one pic from today, broke both hammerers too so it slowed things down some, will be back Saturday with a new hammer and help and get the other wall and roof done then. Off to another home for the night and day of fellowship and a little brake from the site.

Day 8 


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And up we go!

October 16, 2007 Leave a comment

Another day, true to his word the landowner shows up for work and clearing some of the debris and a tree stump of the tree I axed down for him a few weeks back. He decides that it needs to go and proceeds to get to work at the roots and uproot it, he stays at it all day till evening and gets rewarded with the stump fully removed.

I don’t have any crew today as they had to do other things and go on the road etc so I work on finishing the wall 1 and devising how it will stand without the other three and not take us over the edge if something goes wrong. We opted to make two pieces of it and take them at different times, that plan worked, thankfully and we got extra help and got them up.

Day 7


That worked so I and my afternoon help completed the other side too and secured that too, still missing a few diagonal pieces but tomorrow we should get those and the other wall up too. You can see the guys working the root there in front of the structure.


Getting to big for this view!


The concrete forms of last months work support the main high wall and balcony. We will make a few steps and a boardwalk over those old boards and keep a wood pile under the balcony. We are just doing the big stuff now, there will be time for some of the finer things. We got double glass and shutters for the balcony too, so it will be one swell joint once we are done.

Tomorrow is another day.

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One notch at a time

October 15, 2007 1 comment

well here are some pics from the last few days building project. Yesterday the crew was there (one guy even came in off a rest day), the land owner came by too and said he would come and help too. It’s nice to see when you have something going how everyone come together, then so do the projects, many hands make light work!

Day 6


The day before one of the guys and I brought some of the foundation logs down the hill to see how they looked so toda we came with this look and one nice day ahead of us.

day6_2.jpg By days end we had all the 8 foundation beams notched and in place the red boxes being extra areas as the logs were longer then ordered. We will have a boardwalk (left) in front by the front door and a balcony on the far end half the length of the house.


A look at the site, with my crew preparing the wall uprights for tomorrow and the biggest wall 3 meters (10′) tall that will sit on the edge of the cliff and balcony side.

long day behind us, I crash at 8:30 pm

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Knock on wood

October 14, 2007 Leave a comment

It’s funny the way the Lord works, always wanted to build a big house like this one but it was never the right time or place, then i moved here in the winter and hear of this project and hoped to have it done in the summer, now it is Fall and we are just getting started, it’s colder and all but He must have a plan.

Someone called me “the builder” the other day and I did not think much of it as, yes, I am the main one building but then I remembered that I am just the worker, the foreman is upstairs, it’s His project and timing and that is a wonderful thing. I get all worked up and frustrated with the guys in our home (that make up my crew for this project), they know I love ’em!

I’m just thankful that I had the chance to learn some building things and someone had patience with me too and a troubled teenager as I was working crew in the big combo construction projects we did in Asia in the 90’s.

Day 5


6 meter (18 foot) beams 16 cm (7″) thick, getting notched for the foundation structure that will sit on the 9concreat footings we already have in place, weather coating as we hope they will be there for the next few decades, at least. This has been all hand tool work as we are getting power tools on Monday.


A look at the sight with the red lines indicating were and how the new place will sit, nice quite forest spot but logistically not so fun as there is no road for cars or trucks and everything has to be carried down, we’ll have all the wood down there Monday and rock on and hopefully get it done in a week or so, then it is US of A trip for me for a few weeks.

Thought of the day

“Before you judge a man, follow him home and see where he lives”


Not sure how it goes but thought of it as I went to this old fishing settlement the other day with an elderly man who said his dad built them their fishing cabin here when he was 10 years old, truly humbling to see the simple things of life in this way, it’s been a long time since i was in Asia and saw things like this. It is not a slum, no one lives there permanently but it is just so simple and things from 50-100 years ago are still used as common place, just old pensioner fishermen living out their last few years in style.

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Timber in the park!

October 10, 2007 Leave a comment

With my layout projects coming to a close it was almost time for a break, no such luck. Sometimes there is time to be a normal home member, cook, clean and go witnessing other times there are demands that need me to be hours alone working on things anyone could do if they wanted to but I end up being “the only one who knows” how to do it, PTL.

Next I’m looking at building a 4×5 meter (15×18′) wood house, we finally got a good deal on the lumber so we headed out to the mountains to get it with a friends truck, 5 hours later and 6 cubic meters (yards) of wood later we are on the highway and the safety belt goes flying off narrowly missing our van that was following the truck. We made it back home and got aquanted with each piece of wood personally, the forklift made it look so easy.

Here are some pics and I’ll update the progress as we go.


At the yard, squaring off the logs, that one was more the a foot (30 cm) thick


A dump truck full of timber cuts, hope I ordered enough.

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