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when it rains it pours!

September 28, 2007 3 comments

Well I’ve been hold up in my room doing layout projects that have to be done by this Sunday and have been for the last few weeks, going stir-crazy and my roomies don’t know what the word quite means, usually it is a great thing as there is always music and laughter or a prayer vigil going on in different languages, but I CAN’T CONCENTRATE LIKE THIS!


One of the guys took this pic as I was trying to block out the confusion with headphones and a shirt around my ears trying to color proof photos. The TV chair is not because I’m lazy but it keeps my back straiter and away from the computer monitor while I’m doing this burnout project. Not sure what the hand motion was but at least it shows I’m still a good sport when they are climbing around taking pictures of me WHEN I’M WORKING!

Not a bad place to work inside aside from the noise level as the lovely summer weather is all gone and it’s been pouring here for days. Around lunch one of the guys yelled “Big boat, go get Jayman to take a pic!” Well, I don’t know where the boat went in our bay view we have but a big storm was rolling in, so armed with a borrowed camera I took a few dozen pics in order and took it back to AutoStitch it and these are some of the results.


This was the “big boat”, you can see a artistic panorama version of it here, get full view or save and view it as it is much bigger then it shows on that page.


This was a bit later and the clouds covered the whole mountain there.

Enjoy these while I go back to my layout for the next 36 hours, and I’ll be back to blog about it if I survive.

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cover stories

September 23, 2007 2 comments

As some of you might have noticed or connected that some of the Reflections in your mailings sound similar to some of my posts, it is because YOU have not written anything better so they had to go with these. As Reflections reach a broad audience they had to edit some of my stories quite a bit in parts so those of you who know and read my stuff I recommend you get them from my blog here.

Below are some quick links to the ones that have been pubbed with exception to The Red Chair that should come out next month, so keep tithing!

Snail Patrol

Beauty in the blaze (what they titled “bringing out the gain”)

The Red Chair

on my blog you get to read them first and see the real pictures, no staged studio pics! These are cover ideas I did up to celebrate my rejoining time as the last two stories really tell some of the things of the last half year as I just finished rejoining from MM, they will be for a PDF version coming soon full of more original photographs, so stay tuned.

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stitch this

September 22, 2007 2 comments

Have you ever envied magazine photography and be so bugged that they have such full pics and the money for all the fancy lenses? I have but here is a cool (and free) program I found that helps you do just that provided you know a thing or two and have the patience.

These are a few pictures that this Autostitch program stitched up for me

6 pictures (1×6)

This was 6 pictures (1×6) that I took freehand a few years ago but was never able to make it look right, the program too did not read the last two on the right so I had to do them myself in PS.

This one (1×3) was a test as I maxed out the zoom on a small camera of the sea a few kilometers below our house as there were exceptionally a lot boats in the water that morning and I thought it would be a good subject and test to see if it could match all the boats in the right order etc.

Another one from past attempts that I’d never been able to match just using PS as the skies in all the pics were different hues, this program matched them spot on.

I got a bit tired of long skinny pics so this big baby is actually 12 pics (2×6) that I snapped while picking up some folks at the beach yesterday, you just can’t get content like that with one frame, I don’t have a boat and lenses, call it a fake if you want but it is a real place and I have the real pics, let me know what you readers think about this. I know it is funner to get big great pictures all in one shot and I won’t stop that but I thought this might be fun for some others to play with too.

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Hope looks beyond today

September 20, 2007 3 comments

Two news items today.
hope-floats-original-edit-jay-phillips-copy.jpgWell, I unofficially got notice in my email that “hope floats” got the nod as Activated cover for February 2008 (still waiting for the official notice and check, which I’m splitting with the dear guy who loaned me the camera for the “lucky” shot three years ago). This is huge for me and my entry-level skills and for Croatia as that is where the picture was taken and that is the story, sad things sometimes happen but we get better through them.

Second I’ve been voted in to a FD home again after an 8 month wait, trial, battle overcoming time, it’s not over and a long fight and many mountains to go but I’ve hit the top of this one, finally, TTL. My prayers are with anyone who is also trying to rejoin and if I can do it anyone can, not give up, ever!

We went mountain climbing today as a home and while I do not enjoy free climbing as much as the others I did do a few hours of hiking around all the mountains with one of the guys while they were doing short wall climbs. It was windy and cold but a nice view, here are a few pics.


the walk


The peak, I’m holding on as though I do not have hair to blow in the wind it was blowing really hard up top.


My hiking buddy took the wind much better and was jumping up into it while I bunkered down to take this shot of him.


The view from where they were climbing (see left) and a wide view of the other peaks around. It took 6 pictures and a panorama stitching program later to get this shot.

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featuring…Hope Floats

September 16, 2007 2 comments

Well this nice gal featured my photo on her annual favorite pictures list. Guess it is a consolation prize as this picture is also in the mix as a possible Activated cover for next year’s mag on overcoming obstacles, but if I do not get that at least I get some exposer this way, thanks cheekers!


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Inside Italy

September 11, 2007 Leave a comment

This last week I was visiting Italy and doing follow-up with another guy from our home. While not the first time there is was the first long period of time to met many friends and supporters how help us in little or bigger ways and are a part of our greater witnessing efforts.

We went to Trento, Ala and Verona, from small hamlets to large metropolises, rich business people to simple working class people all with the purpose of encouraging and straightening they’re faith in the Lord and the Word, we prayed for their personal requests like health and family, but one request was even to help release some trapped spirits from an old restaurant which we did and even gave them a message from one of them.

In cities and western countries like this it is easy to see they have everything materially, millionaires are commonplace, top fashion and fast cars are born and bred from here even Christianity has it’s strongest traditional ties to this land yet the same basic question for the last 2000 years is still the same, “Who is Jesus?” and the same basic needs are the same, that of getting to know and have a personal link with Jesus through prayer and His Word.

We banded in peoples houses and living rooms or breakfast tables, just like the early church teaching the Word of God. Emails and newsletters were good seeds planted and so when we come and visit we are able (unfortunately my lack of Italian prevents me from doing more personally) to feed them deeper with bible studies, PowerPoint’s and video clips on their computers, and many received the Word of God with gladness.

We also were able to bring some of our friends over to the local home were they can be in touch and come over for classes more regularly, the home there was wonderful too and we had a great time with them, great folks and even put up or larger team of 7 more who came from Croatia for the last night after a long day at a local fair we did.

I had the use of a Samsung Digimax SX 800 that I used to take pics of our fair day in the center of Verona but I do not have everyone’s consent to show pics of them so I’ll post this collection of people who came by to our stand and got tools and a witness. It was a good little camera and had some nice focus features that made a lot of good pics for our next newsletter etc.
The lions got nothing on us! 2000 years later they are gone, roman arenas that sent Christians to the lions (like the one in the middle picture) have long become museum pieces, yet the Word lives on.

Italy is just that, Italy. You can’t really explain it in words, aside from receptive people and our job of witnessing it is always interesting to see and view other cultures and people and Italy is very interesting. Here are some observations.


Never to cool, this guy who got a heart and bear balloon from our stand for his girlfriend found an interesting way to carry it.


This is a larger look from my last trip here, for a bigger pic and my commentary follow here.

Likes – The food is fantastic overall, home cooking and restaurants all make great food. I’m one with them for breakfast, just coffee and crackers.

Dislikes – they gotta have the worst bread in the world. Everyone says American white bread is bad, but it must have come from all the Italian immigrants as this is where it comes from. I had some nice home-made bread, but the rolls and other bread are just cardboard that they reserve meal after meal till it is gone! Thankfully there is so much pasta and salami for meals you don’t hardly need the bread. Eating veggies after your meal( instead of with or before) also gets a B- from me, i want sweet or fruit after pasta and meat not vinegar and oil salad on a full stomach, guess in Rome do as the Romans.

Overall it was a great time, great people, great food and great Family, and truly can be a mission field if you treat it like one and are there to witness and not fool around, but that is the same with any place.

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