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Who am I?

Who am I? That is a good question, I am just trying to figure that out myself.

I’ve had many preconceptions of who I was or thought I was, but they all do not seem to stack up the way I thought it was. To be honest I am finally starting to think who cares who I am, I don’t. I’ve tried all the trips, most of the ministries and found a lot of things out, worked the Family 360. I thought I had talents in one thing or another, thought I could be a straggler and find another way to be a disciple and still be in the Family, thought I could be a career person, help run NGO’s have ways of making money, build profitable web sites and still be dropped out, I couldn’t.

All that is gone now, and I am just discovering who I really am and how I need to be like another cool guy, the real J-man, we’ll have to see what happens and who I end up but I hope to be remembered as someone who never gave up if anything eles.

I’m still discovering what it means to be free I guess, I’ve never owned anything yet I still have to forsake everything to follow Him, and that I hope I can keep doing day by day.

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  1. Mom
    August 7, 2007 at 12:24 am

    My dear one, you wonder who you are, but wonder no longer. You are the apple of My eye, and very precious to Me. You are unique, one of a kind, created by Me with gifts and talents, and stengths and weaknesses. Yes, when I formed you I also imbedded weaknesses in your unique being–because I knew these would drive you to Me in desperation and help you to cling to Me. To find yourself, to truly be free, all you have to do is accept the way I made you, weaknesses and all. When you can truly rejoice and thank Me for how I made you, you are truly free. It’s a liberation because you know that even when you have to fight to overcome your weaknesses that it was ordained of Me. It’ll make you fight with a relish because you you will know that I didn’t intend for you to succumb to them, but to overcome them by leaning hard on Me. So relax, My dear one, and simply yield to who you are–My precious child, put on this earth for the purpose of following Me and sharing My love with the lost who don’t know Me. I love you and I am always by your side to uphold and strengthen you.

  2. Sonia Lee
    August 7, 2007 at 4:38 am

    Heh, this sounds familiar.
    Question…which came first, the post or the email?

  3. August 7, 2007 at 9:06 pm

    You will always be remembered as being the one who didn’t give up just so long as you keep on going. I know you can do it, not because you’re strong in yourself, but because you let Him work thru you.

  4. Nyx
    August 9, 2007 at 4:24 am

    Hi there, J,

    I haven’t seen you since the early 90’s, in Bangkok. But I remember you as the guy who was always willing to do whatever needed to be done. The one who was always willing, yielded and humble. The one we loved joking around with because you were never too sensitive…or mean, like some of the other boys, ha!

    I remember you as the kind of guy whom the schedule would probably fall apart without. Who could be take on any ministry and still pull it off. Who was, in his own quiet way, the one you knew would stick around when the going got rough.

    I’m amazed you’re still serving the Lord, after all this time.–But not surprised. After all, it’s those little day by day’s, year after year, that make a difference.


  5. August 20, 2007 at 3:43 am

    I really like this post. I guess we’re never really suppose to be anybody, but the only way the Lord can use us is if we just accept that we’re never gonna be anybody…we’re just suppose to “not even be there” so He can shine through.
    God Bless You for sticking it out…we’re all in this together.

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