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…and nothing else matters!

I’ve just come back from an amazing trip, something unfortunately that had to come to an end at least for now. As a full-time missionary all my life you always want to be one the frontline reaching the spiritual needy and for the most part we do to some extent. We reach people, bring them to know Jesus as their savoir and follow-up on them and give bible classes, but never have I ever seen the need and vacuum so great as I have this last week and I think everyone who went there to witness this year at EXIT felt it too to some extent. Not only were the lives we ministered too or got saved changed forever but each one of us who were witnessing and I hope and pray we can keep that fire going in our hearts once we all go back to our homes, ministries and lives, families and works with the fire and burden for souls and this special field still burning in our hearts forever and that we can continue to minister by email, chat and phone the many people who want to continue to grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord, it’s just phenomenal the vacuum that is there and the depth the youth have for the Word, we can not be their with them in the flesh but we can do our part to keep the flames burning in their lives and not just once a year at this fest.

More posts and pictures from this wonderful time will be posted soon here.

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  1. Sonia Lee
    July 20, 2007 at 2:52 am

    I hope you don’t mind…I blogged about one of your photos.

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