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Why Croatia?

People often ask me “why are you in Croatia?” well aside from the spiritual aspect of feeling a personal calling to reach this special country with the Lords Word and love it is also one of the most wonderful places to do so.
I just got back from a week trip to some of the islands in the northern Adriatic, I don’t expect anyone to know where or what they are, but that is your loss, for those interested you can visit here. Not only are they a paradise of beauty and clean water and sunshine but they are a haven for souls and many people we were fortunate to meet and follow-up on while there partaking of local cuisine while giving them the new From Jesus With Love gift books in the local language that they all readily bought and were very thankful for. Any little word is readily absorbed and appreciated by these dear folks from all backgrounds and walks of life from simple house keepers to restaurant and hotel owners, city elders and even a rock star, yes, my partner gave Gibonni (arguably the number one pop singer in the country at the moment) a “Somebody Loves You” tract which he was appreciative for, thought we were not able to talk more with him we pray that the seed brings forth fruit in his life as he can really reach a lot of people with his songs and fame.

I went to one of the islands 8 years ago when a first came here doing tooling and it was a tough time pioneering but it was nice to go back now and see how strong cornerstones of a national church have been set up by this long-term home’s follow-up and CTP work over the years, and we hope to be able to continue to feed these dear folks more in future visits or when they visit the mainland.

Do I have any regrets for spending 8 years here all over this country? I’d have to say honestly yes, my regret is only that we do not have this same witnessing and follow-up program on every populated island and city in this country, the sheep are all there waiting, it’s us who can not be everywhere at the same time.

Why Croatia? Because Croatia needs me, and needs YOU too!

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  1. Paolo Alleluia
    July 24, 2007 at 4:59 am

    Amen! Let’s give our life for our field, shall we? TYJ for Croatia!

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