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Is He The One?

neos_return2.jpgWell, if your thinking the actor in the Matrix films the answer is no, but this “Neo” has found a fantastic niche (not glitch) in the matrix and an original thing to blog on. His page is very well done especially in the extensiveness and thoroughness he has gone to make this blog complete with download links. It is part encyclopedia/almanac/ fact book on Family music of the last 10 years or so of Second Generation artists, form the well known to the lesser known it is all there and what’s more is it is categorized by artist/band and includes links to download them too, and cool pictures etc all in one place!

We’ll have to see where Neo takes this blog as there is not new bands and music every week or month to add but it is even great as it is as a reference blog and he sure is a talented guy. This definitely is one of the best Family blogs to come around in some time, well worth a repeat visit and bookmark.

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  1. Neo
    May 16, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    Thanks man, that was one nice summary! You flatter me to much. KGFG

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