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nierna.jpgWell, this is not an album review as they only have two songs to date but it is something rather new on the Family music scene as in not a used genre so I thought I’d comment a few lines.

This band frontmaned by AudioGuru, better known for electronic techno songs like My Ascension and Meld has together with guys in his home made this group (and claim to be a Family first) Heavy Metal band to produce this kind of music. While I wholeheartedly endorse new styles and beats to keep Family music fresh and current for today I do have my reservations about these songs.

Before I state them I’ll tell you a short story. When I was a teen growing up in a conservative eastern country we were always trying to push the limits in our dress and style. It was the early nineties and earrings were the fad for men, rocker Jon Bon Jovi had one, sportsman Andre Aggesi had one and so naturally we all wanted one too.

When we expressed our desire to one of our CROs who himself was personally more on the conservative side yet was extremely youthful and approachable to us teens, he heard us out and to our surprise said “sure”, but then continued “…if it will help you win a soul!” and went on to say, “I’ll even get one, if you can show me that that soul would not have been reached without it”.

Needless to say we lost our case as we clearly could win souls just fine and probably even better without the distraction of a piece of metal hanging from our ears.

Whether it is looks, music, art or anything else we as Family young people do it should always be judged by that “gold standard”. I know a lot of new young Family musicians/bands coming out now trying to be “different” or “original” in sound or style and Nierna is only the most recent, but it must be held up to the standard of will that help you win a soul, or inspire a soul?

I do not mean to exalt anyone, but what makes Vas one of the true Family musicians of our time and the current Family music scene is that he does content first. His lyrics are based on Word topics or letters and meet all the points of Family songwriting, then, secondly he adds his own style and hip wordplay and contemporary presentation whereas many new songwriters are doing it backwards and so into the style or “sound” that it is foundationless or weak at best.

As for I Saw You Go and Make It Home I have to say it lacks the Spirit. Style aside, I have played them off my computer to other Family people of all age and type (FGA, SGA, teen, new disciples) without telling them a word about it or who’s song it is and they’ve all commented about them being “dead”. We really need more Family music and new artists but do we need it at the cost of making our own category of “brackish” music? We need more music that is wild and free with the freedom that is beyond the confines or impersonations of the world and musical perfection.

I Saw You Go is actually a great song and if I was more musically inclined I would learn it on guitar and sing it “unplugged”, I just think it losses the message having Jesus scream the chorus, the song is loving and sympathetic so the style kind of throws it off and renders it meaningless.

I hope this band does more in the future infuse more of the spirit into their songs. The Spirit should be first, style second.

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  1. Neo
    June 14, 2007 at 1:36 pm

    Ummmm…. They are my second favorite band……I don’t think the songs lack spirit at all.

  2. June 16, 2007 at 10:12 pm

    I totally agree with you, J. But if I really state my opinion here, I could write a whole book about. I still believe that the reason the Lord gave the Family such a awesome gift of Music is simply for the same reason he put us on this earth. To save the souls of Mankind. I have a hard time with songs that only tickle your ears (or even make them hurt) but don’t bring a point across, and really make you laugh, cry or do something. I always firmly believed everything Dad said about Music in the letters, and I pray we’ll never lose the simplicity of Christ and that we don’t get so carried away with our Bands, that we’re not able to to just pull out a guitar and sing a song to a lost sheep and needs Jesus. Our songs need to be different, and I think what made them different always was their simplicity and truth…the Word.
    Well, I’ll try to keep my comment short. I wrote about this subject in an article that came out in a Grapevine once and you can find it in my Blog; its called “Music Era”.
    I love you all,

  3. Jesus
    June 23, 2007 at 5:51 pm

    Nierna lacks the Spirit? Dude, [beep] you! Nierna is probably the only band in the Family that makes music one can hate Satan too. You can shove your stupid, pretentious opinions up your [beep]. Vas’s music inspires WHO to do WHAT? Vas’s music is so atrocious, people can’t even listen to it for long enough to hear the message revealed in his “hip”, trite and cliched lyrics. Nierna is inspirational. It has potential to win plenty of the “underground”/metalheads, and it inspires Family youth to keep on going for the Family. Anyway, all that to say, I really love you, and I’m sorry if I lashd out at you in this post, and I’d like to say a cleansing prayer for you, BECAUSE YOU’RE A [BEEP] DIP[BEEP]!
    bye bye

  4. July 3, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    God bless you “Jesus” and i thank you for your comments and hope you understand that I had to clean up your post a bit as I do not encourage that kind of talk on this blog.

    I do not think there is a need to make music “to keep going for the Family”, there is not reason for that. I hope it is for Jesus and our goal of reaching the world that yes, also includes undergound/metalheads but hopefully to give them something more then just more of the same. our music is different and that is what draws people to it not that it is just the same as what they already have.

    Vas’s songs (and many other Family artists) inspire me to continue serving (the real) Jesus and give my life to others, you obviously are motivated differently from the sound of your post, could it be due in part to the music you are listening to?

  5. Phil
    March 28, 2008 at 10:21 am

    I agree with you Jayman that music should not be conformed to this world, because heck we’re not trying to sound like all that crap out there. I am totally for the music that inspires dedication, revolution, and the message, but on the other end of the scale, I do think that having music that still has a good message(like nierna) even if it isn’t people’s personal style shouldn’t be frowned upon so negatively. I love music and for me not listening to any is like death, thus I am incredibly thankful for our family music which makes not listening to Pans tunes all the easier……but as far as variety goes there isn’t all that much in family music. Now I’m not trying to diss our musicians who do there best(GBT) but sometimes it’s nice to get some different styles etc. I’m a big metal fan, but I never listen to Metal (be it White or Black) and so I appreciate the artists who do make it. Of course being spirit led is essential, but just because Jesus screams his sadness at young people leaving his side, doesn’t tell me that it’s ungodly music, you know what I mean. And I think the Lord doesn’t mind us listening to music that is maybe not entirely message filled, but stills inspires and makes one glad(ie mad, sad or glad) as long as it’s not the all in all. In moderation I think it helps music junkies like me:D to stay away from listening to more spiritually damaging music that’s in the world. To me Auidoguru seems like a pretty right on guy, so I’d be careful of judging him or his music based only on what it sounds like. Anyways GBY, and pls “jesus” don’t call urself that if you’re gonna act exactly the opposite of what He would….I agree that it can reach people but come on……Love is the only important thing………I love you all!

  6. June 30, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    Good bless you guys…!

    Love you!


  7. Phil
    July 14, 2008 at 9:47 pm

    Very nice artwork Mierda! Keep up the good work for the Lord!!!

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