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No Vista, no problem!

The other day I ran into this article and thought, heck why not try out some of these gadgets. I spend 2-5 hours a day at times in-front of a computer doing web and layout for this work and some for fun and looking at XP can get really boring.

I am running one of the oldest computers in the world so I think it makes a good test case that if they work on my little computer that could (that people say should not be able to run XP in the first place) it can work anywhere.


I just went for the visual changes as the security and browsers are really nothing different if you are already a using third-party anti-virus, Mozilla, and Goggle Desktop etc. The presentations are nice though they can take a bit of space, I went for the Vista one and unchecked most of the options when installing as I do not have much free space.

I just went for the minimum presentation changes not outlook, media player .10 or anything real big (these changes only 118 MB, the size of a few digital photos). It only took about 20 minutes including restarting and walla! It took a few times opening the browsers to implement all the changes for some reason. I did find it does not always load my favorites on Mozilla for some reason, so be warned, also with the cool transparent bar on the top that eliminates having to have ugly yellow folder shortcuts all over your desktop, it would be nice to be able to load the folders there that I use the most and not just the genaric “My Music, Docs, Videos” etc as I do not use those as much as others, I’ll let you know if I find out how.

When you are saving things to the desktop it puts the images behind them that I can’t seem to get dis-lodged, I’m sure there is a trick to minimise that bar or not let images go up to high, Ijust need more time with it, some tweaking and patience is needed.

Overall a welcome change if you can deal with some minor inconveniences and changin your rut, as always there is just the option to just say ‘astela vista baby’ to your Vista look-a-like and un-install it or set back your comp with no problems.

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