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Two thoughts, one conclusion

palestine_peace_not_apartheid.jpgI’ve recently been seeing news stories of complaints and even resignations of former President Jimmy Carter’s board members for his new outspoken book about Palestine and likening the Israeli/Palestine confict to the Apartheid of South Africa.

I went back though some old letters on this and found D.D.B. had said similar things in his letter called ” Strange Bedfellows” ML 634 written in 1977 comparing the Israeli conflict to South Africa’s Apartheid, just as Jimmy Carter is doing now in his new book 29 years later, published 2005, and now breaking out onto the Best Seller lists. The truth is getting out, and with someone so involved with this cause for much of his life I am glad he has the courage to come out with this at this time.

Excerpt from Strainge Bedfellows (Copyright 1977)

18. NOT UNTIL RECENTLY DID THE ISRAELIS EVEN EXTEND SOCIAL WELFARE SERVICES to the Palestinians in their occupied territories, and that was only because Israel now wants to extend its authority and its administrative power over those territories, integrating them solidly and permanently into Israel like 80 new Jewish colonies in the occupied Palestinian lands!

19. SO THE JEWS HAVE TREATED THE ARABS JUST ABOUT LIKE THE WHITES HAVE TREATED THE BLACKS in South Africa, enforcing on them both complete apartheid. Apartheid is a definite Jewish policy against the Arabs, as we found out when we lived there.

20. THE SCHOOLS ARE TOTALLY SEGREGATED according to religion, which means according to race as well. No Arabs attend Jewish schools and no Jews attend Arab schools.

21. IN ISRAEL THERE’S ABSOLUTELY THE Nth-DEGREE OF SEGREGATION AND DISCRIMINATION AGAINST THE ARABS, probably even worse than the discrimination and segregation of apartheid in South Africa against the Negroes!

22. SOUTH AFRICA AND ISRAEL ARE BOTH ALMOST TOTALLY BLIND TO THE NEEDS OF THESE PEOPLE WITHIN THEIR OWN BORDERS. Within the tiny state of Israel and the occupied territories the Arabs are in the minority. But if you count their surrounding Arab neighbours, Israel is definitely the tiny minority.

To read a book summery of Jimmy Carter’s book Palestine Peace Not Apartheid here.

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