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TIME says it all

Time magazine gave put a mirror on the front of their magazine showing how “you” are the person to most impact the world in 2006. That means bloggers and video blogging collectively share the “man of the Year” award, that means all of us who do that! I know I started my blog in 2005 but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would have taken over the web as it has. Recently in Google searches for research the things that come up most are blogs or forums on things, it behoves us to be accurate and well worded as we are becoming a medium for the world, more importantly those of us who are Family are some of the only faces some people might see if they do a search. They are a phenomenal way to witness and promote our way of life and providing more collateral to our faith and way of life.

For another opinion on this “you” event this is an interesting perspective and well writen report.

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