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striping the coverings

guide-160.jpgIn the spirit of Christmas gifts I give you all a sample of the book cover “The Complete Losers Guide to Life, Love, and S–“. (See cover, if I type the whole word this blog gets spammed, sorry, you know I want to.)

You may wonder what this single-and-getting-older blogger knows about that, well, you’ll have to wait for the download to find out. Even if you are not a complete loser it might give you a few things to ho, ho, ho about, until then you get the cover and an early Merry Christmas wish from me. One thing for sure it will be your last Christmas without reading this book so just enjoy yourselves and your families this holiday season!

To carify: Updated 14.12

The book is being written by yours truly and will be distributed by JaymanOnline. It will not be a coffee-top book but a candid and hopefully humorous account on life, love and the bedroom. Originally I wanted to get it done as a stocking-stuffer for this holiday season but I will not rush ‘art’ and feel I need more source material and do more “research” for it then I have put down “on paper” up till now. I hopefully will have it completed some time in the new year and add a link here to where you can download the PDF book file.

The cover displays a pair of white flabby briefs (the kind “complete loser’s” wear) on the floor suggesting that he got out of them in a hurry and is getting lucky. It will have a hot red woman’s thong crumpled on the floor on the book back showing he is really scoring big possibly due to “advice” in this book. Simple, to the point and gets people’s interest going.

Suggestions and comments on the cover are welcome!

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  1. December 12, 2006 at 10:56 pm

    Not sure I understand what this post is about. Is the book out there to download? If so, did you download it and read it and are recommending it to us? If so, where can we download it?

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