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Stranger than Fiction (2006)

stranger-than-fiction-2006-poster-1-small.jpgThis is an interesting and simple movie with an overall well told storyline and ending. It also could have been called “more boring then real life” as it was a bit slow moving and you feel like Will Ferrell was on sleeping meds, perhaps to keep him form being hyper and getting naked. The whole time you feel that he is on his best behavior and making a sincere effort to play this drama roll, though I think it could have had more light moments interspersed after all he was acting with Dustin Hofmen ( Meet the Folkers), Emma Thompson (Junior) Queen Latifah (Bringing Down the House). They could have played on a whole number of things but they didn’t and the movie just has this flat vanilla flavor all the way through without any real highs and lows that draw the audience in to the characters lives. People have compared it to “Truman Show” but I would not go that far it lacks the draw power and emotion that that other film had.

Maggie Gyllenhaal, (World Trade Center, Confessions of a Dangerous mind) did a good job though her character is a bit splotchy and predictable but a good leading role for her and we’ll see what she get to do next. It is refreshing to see newer leads now and then and I think she was a good balance to Will’s boring role.

It’s a sweet story free from any obscene language or behavior, a sweet film to see on your day off or something. Well written and acted but no one really does a stand-out job, unless you consider Will Ferrell going nearly two hours with clothes on.

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