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Borat (2006)

borat.jpgThis is a crazy film and I do not really recommend it as it has many rather distasteful events in it that you are really better off not seeing. for example  two naked hairy guys wrestling on a bed (in a suggestive 69 no less) that even had off- color humored Conan O’Brian squirming as he admitted in an interview with the actor Sacha Baron Cohen.

The reason I screened it is the other day I was out for a walk and ran into one man and his family and he mentioned the film in light of my writings for XYZone on the countries where I live and travel and that coming from an outsider’s view of situations and events can be very interesting for locals to see through another’s eyes. Of course I do not do satire though sometimes I try to make light of events or tell things in a humorous way.

The film was well told and really gets you believing he is Kazakh or could be except that he is at least a foot taller and paler then anyone in Romania (where they filmed “his village”).

More then anything it shows the USA for real, you know “his village” and relationship with “his producer” is a skit but the real-life events and interactions with Americans really shows a light on many less then favorable attributes. You can find even funnier cuts that were to long for the film at YouTube without all the off-color stuff in the film.

It would have been a good little film if anyone else would have done it without all the distasteful parts as his character is kind of like Tom Hanks in “Terminal” simple and experiencing the US in a unique way via a documentary angle and real-life responses, it’s just that it has to have so much S.B. Cohen’s signature junk in it.

After all the eccentric, wild shock-and-awe antics and personal setbacks he does learn that he should not have been after a girl (Pamela Anderson) “with plastic chest” and it ends with a happy simple ending Borat style. Not as outrageous as I thought or trailers made it out to be showing more range from the actor then I thought he had before and even gets a bit drama-ish at times. But there really are better things to do with your time.

Learn from me, the cultural learning for make benefit of your time for the glorious nation of Heaven!

Having said that there is probably no one else who has put as much thought and devotion into a relatively unknown country as Kazakhstan then Cohen and showing their flag and music to the world stage, sure he makes things look ridiculous but you still foremost remember the country, you can’t help it. Even if the title “make glorious nation of Kazakhstan” is in jest it makes the world say a name and country you’d never say or think of otherwise.

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