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You might as well paint a target on your head, sir

I just came across this article as the events unfold in this spy James Bond-like cold war case where a former Russian spy died of poisoning.

Now the Italian contact Mario Scaramella who is still in threat of radiation poisoning himself says they killed former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko because of information he knows and was passing on to him.

What on earth would make him say that for? Your buddy has just died by cruel and unusual circumstances and you announce to the world (via Italian media) that you also know what he knew? Mr. Scaramella, paint a target on your head because the same people that wanted him dead will be after you too. Sure, it will prove that you are not a suspect by being dead, but would it prove any better who killed Litvineko? This case really does not need any dead witnesses.

We’ll just have to see how all this plays out, it’s got a lot twists and turns and intrigue, let’s just hope no more lives are lost.
Intelligence information needs to be given to the police not the media or it is not very intelligent it’s just news. If Mario Scaramella was not already targeted he sure is now by his own confession. He better not tell us who else he tells this information too next either or he really should not be knowing the level of things he does.

My advice would be to keep your mouth shut, get security and maybe rent some cold war films to watch, at least while you still can.

An interesting discussion on this can be found here. It is video you you need a good connection.

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