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Bandidas (2006)

poster1_full.jpgThis was one lousy film. The story telling is so weak that it seems that the producers were just rushing though the story parts (bank robberies, helping their people) to get to the parts that just showcase the female actresses making the overall film very week.
And the acting, really after her last few films and talks of Oscar nominations you’d think Salma Hayek would do a little better but still she was fun to watch and nice to see her in a corset and a gun holster again as it has been far to long since Wild, Wild, West.

The idea that she can’t shoot a gun for beans but can throw knives with dead aim is rediculous.

Since they were not casting for Oscar bids I’d really rather have seen Salma and Jennifer Lopez go at it as two sultry Latin ladies. Penelope Cruz showed that not only she can’t act but she can’t be sultry either, despite wearing a top that would have made anyone else very hot on her it does not, not even wet. It goes nearly half way down her chest and you still don’t see cleavage. The idea of the girls hitting it off  and cosy by the campfire smells of female Brokeback Mountain but really useless for the story and just adding sexually were they could not with the storyline.
Steven Zahn does a rather good job and I’d wouldn’t have even recognized him if it weren’t for his unique voice, I imagine it was not to hard to decide to take or even beg the director for the roll, some of the best “perks of the job” that I’ve seen in a movie in a long time.

The Jayman verdict is: light entertainment, really too boring to bother renting, perhaps travel worthy if you do not have any where else to go if it is playing on a plane or bus.

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