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Is it really on your side?

December 29, 2006 Leave a comment


To paraphrase a leading on-line insurers web ad that they are always on your side in bad situations. Murphy’s law says it won’t be.

I was taking pics of frosty nature with the kids in the forest and saw this old outhouse, don’t you love ’em? Well thankfully none of the kids had to use it and, yes, if they had I’d not have had any toilet paper with me, frozen leafs are not fun.


TIME says it all

December 17, 2006 Leave a comment

Time magazine gave put a mirror on the front of their magazine showing how “you” are the person to most impact the world in 2006. That means bloggers and video blogging collectively share the “man of the Year” award, that means all of us who do that! I know I started my blog in 2005 but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would have taken over the web as it has. Recently in Google searches for research the things that come up most are blogs or forums on things, it behoves us to be accurate and well worded as we are becoming a medium for the world, more importantly those of us who are Family are some of the only faces some people might see if they do a search. They are a phenomenal way to witness and promote our way of life and providing more collateral to our faith and way of life.

For another opinion on this “you” event this is an interesting perspective and well writen report.

Christmas Key Thoughts

December 15, 2006 1 comment

You slept with the poor. You dined with the rich. You danced with the joyful, and wept with the broken in heart and body. You became like us, so that we could become like You.

That is a simple thought but the last part got me thinking, if we fail to be like Him He did it all for nothing, in football terms it is an “incomplete”. We must make the progress to complete the point and make the touchdown, slam-dunk or complete the story in our walk with the Lord. All His sacrifice is in vain if we fail to be like Him and how much more so then at Christmas.

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Being Baccused

December 12, 2006 Leave a comment

Yes, it happened to me. I got into getting films for our home and recomending them to save people’s time and get a few meaningful fims next thing i knew I’ve seen parts, some or all of like 12 films in about three days, way to much!

After this post I’ll be “unpluged” for some time. Movies are great, there were some great stories, acting and filmwork but just to much of them. It just starts small, needing to “check the film quality” and yes, after one hour it is still good, sound good, plot good, Baccus good, Jayman bad!

My attention span, charictor and welbeing is not as it should be however. The home now has plenty of films to keep them till 2007 if not until spring so I’m just going to go out witnessing and win some souls, it’s Christmas after all and that is what I’m here for.

Keep things in their place, stress not, and be silly not.

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quack that

December 11, 2006 4 comments


Just a pic I took the other day at a lake and thought it was funny that the female duck is swimming away from the male. I know it is not fair to make up human thoughts for animals, she very well might have had a headache, for real.

striping the coverings

December 11, 2006 1 comment

guide-160.jpgIn the spirit of Christmas gifts I give you all a sample of the book cover “The Complete Losers Guide to Life, Love, and S–“. (See cover, if I type the whole word this blog gets spammed, sorry, you know I want to.)

You may wonder what this single-and-getting-older blogger knows about that, well, you’ll have to wait for the download to find out. Even if you are not a complete loser it might give you a few things to ho, ho, ho about, until then you get the cover and an early Merry Christmas wish from me. One thing for sure it will be your last Christmas without reading this book so just enjoy yourselves and your families this holiday season!

To carify: Updated 14.12

The book is being written by yours truly and will be distributed by JaymanOnline. It will not be a coffee-top book but a candid and hopefully humorous account on life, love and the bedroom. Originally I wanted to get it done as a stocking-stuffer for this holiday season but I will not rush ‘art’ and feel I need more source material and do more “research” for it then I have put down “on paper” up till now. I hopefully will have it completed some time in the new year and add a link here to where you can download the PDF book file.

The cover displays a pair of white flabby briefs (the kind “complete loser’s” wear) on the floor suggesting that he got out of them in a hurry and is getting lucky. It will have a hot red woman’s thong crumpled on the floor on the book back showing he is really scoring big possibly due to “advice” in this book. Simple, to the point and gets people’s interest going.

Suggestions and comments on the cover are welcome!

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Big Brother grows up, gets R-rated

December 6, 2006 2 comments

r-rated.jpgThis is no adult movie clip or prank photo but an image of the new airport scanner that the US Transport Security Agency is hopping to put in place soon and even have one working at a Phoenix airport by this Christmas. If you’re going to visit relatives over the holidays there you might just opt for the bus.
I think in all the effort to have a ‘transparent process’ this is taking it a bit too far. Even if you do not have a figure like Judy Dench after Kemo treatment it might not be the way you want to be seen by others. They should rename the agency TnA with this program if they will just be sitting around looking at people like this all day.

One thing for sure, “It’s all for our good”.

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