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Whose fool are you?


Today I came across this article and pictures of Sasha Baran Cohan, the creator of the comedy characters ‘Ali G’ (and the Ali G show) and ‘Borat Sagdiyev’ for British TV and circulated on other media outlets around the world. It is generally in-your-face foolishness, and 2nd grade humor. This picture was taken during the summer while he was promoting his new film ‘borat’ at the Cannes film festival and he paraded around on the beach like this to get attention portraying his Borat Sagdiyev character that is supposed to be a Kazakhstani reporter. I did happen to see his other film and some shows and I think some of his ideas are funny but his general disregard for other people’s cultures or values and other distasteful acts go too far. He professes to be a practicing Jew and one would think that someone of a minority and persecuted peoples would have more understanding for others, he clearly does not. He is a clever marketer and seems willing to do anything (even Fluorescent thongs up to his neck) for ratings and to sell movie tickets. If someone from Kazakhstan insulted and imitated an Israeli person or culture he’d be torn to shreds and never make a dime, why then the double standard?
As a full time missionary I have to reflect on my service and what I would be willing to do to reach others with the message. Great men of God have been asked to do crazy things to win or warn nations like eat dung and running around naked, that might have seemed just as crazy as this but they had a reason. This guy has proved from his shows and previous film (‘Ali G in da house’) that he will do anything to make money and make jokes even if it offends people. I feel I have a better reason and motive with what I do with my life but do I have the same conviction about what I do and would I be willing do what needs to be done, even if crazy or quirky if it leads others better to Him?

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  1. October 24, 2006 at 5:22 am

    oh wow… umm… scary pic.. .no ffense hehe

  2. shandy
    November 3, 2006 at 5:37 pm

    Very true, yet I think some family members are guilty of watching and enjoying his shows! LHU!

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