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Defending Your Life (1991) Movie

200px-defending.jpgDefending Your Life; This is an older movie that I had never seen before, they had it so we looked at it and it was very witty and fun. Written, directed and acted by Albert Brooks about a man that dies in a traffic accident and has to appear before a hearing and review parts of his life before it is decided where he ends up in the after-life. unlike “Heaven can wait”, “ghost” etc he can not interfere with the world he’s left and it is up to his defence team to see if he gets to go to heaven or not. the story itself might be a bit predicable but the events and sub-plots i found interesting and fresh delivered by very funny and witty lines and chemistry of Daniel Miller (Albert Brooks), Bob Diamond (Rip Torn) and even Julia (Meryl Streep). Great cast and storyline. It’s not to common to find a well written script and inspiring story like this anymore.

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