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“Hallelujah, I’ve been saved”

October 29, 2006 Leave a comment

joe-beam.jpgI’m not talking about spiritual conversion and acceptance of Christ here but a new movement of Christians (I suppose that they are born-again believers as well) experiencing better sex and being able to talk and be more comfortable about it and learning the Bibles perspective on it. I’m tankful for my upbringing and knowledge of the matter but there are many Christians that are finding this liberating. I found this link and video feed from a leading mainstream news network interviewing paster Joe Beam who has started seminars and workshops to help Christians ‘get along better’ and love one another etc. It is interesting how people with titles and religious background can now get away with stuff and feel free in this way, maybe someone will help bring (Church)Christians to better understand LOL in thirty years time. Makes me thankful for the insight and understanding Dad (DBB) taught us years ago.


Whose fool are you?

October 20, 2006 2 comments


Today I came across this article and pictures of Sasha Baran Cohan, the creator of the comedy characters ‘Ali G’ (and the Ali G show) and ‘Borat Sagdiyev’ for British TV and circulated on other media outlets around the world. It is generally in-your-face foolishness, and 2nd grade humor. This picture was taken during the summer while he was promoting his new film ‘borat’ at the Cannes film festival and he paraded around on the beach like this to get attention portraying his Borat Sagdiyev character that is supposed to be a Kazakhstani reporter. I did happen to see his other film and some shows and I think some of his ideas are funny but his general disregard for other people’s cultures or values and other distasteful acts go too far. He professes to be a practicing Jew and one would think that someone of a minority and persecuted peoples would have more understanding for others, he clearly does not. He is a clever marketer and seems willing to do anything (even Fluorescent thongs up to his neck) for ratings and to sell movie tickets. If someone from Kazakhstan insulted and imitated an Israeli person or culture he’d be torn to shreds and never make a dime, why then the double standard?
As a full time missionary I have to reflect on my service and what I would be willing to do to reach others with the message. Great men of God have been asked to do crazy things to win or warn nations like eat dung and running around naked, that might have seemed just as crazy as this but they had a reason. This guy has proved from his shows and previous film (‘Ali G in da house’) that he will do anything to make money and make jokes even if it offends people. I feel I have a better reason and motive with what I do with my life but do I have the same conviction about what I do and would I be willing do what needs to be done, even if crazy or quirky if it leads others better to Him?

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Defending Your Life (1991) Movie

October 20, 2006 Leave a comment

200px-defending.jpgDefending Your Life; This is an older movie that I had never seen before, they had it so we looked at it and it was very witty and fun. Written, directed and acted by Albert Brooks about a man that dies in a traffic accident and has to appear before a hearing and review parts of his life before it is decided where he ends up in the after-life. unlike “Heaven can wait”, “ghost” etc he can not interfere with the world he’s left and it is up to his defence team to see if he gets to go to heaven or not. the story itself might be a bit predicable but the events and sub-plots i found interesting and fresh delivered by very funny and witty lines and chemistry of Daniel Miller (Albert Brooks), Bob Diamond (Rip Torn) and even Julia (Meryl Streep). Great cast and storyline. It’s not to common to find a well written script and inspiring story like this anymore.

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A Traveling Spirit Lives

October 2, 2006 2 comments

My Grandma has left the room.

In looking back, I’ll always remember her for her traveling spirit and interest in new places and experiences. I’ll never forget my early years and her visits, taking us all over to interesting sights and places in Europe.

I am thankful that I was able to visit her again a few years back, and despite failing health and near blindness, she had been to Rome the year before and was planing a driving trip up and down the east coast of the US with my Aunt and cousin. That was just the way she was and her zest for travel and learning never stoped even in age and affiction. It is something I feel I’ve taken from her and hope to do now more in her honor and with the XYZone blog , as I know she would have enjoyed it here too, yet was not able to in her lifetime.


I found this old photograph from our family achives, old film picture taken by my dad, must be nearly 25 years old (I am on the right and my older brother is on the left) and taken during one of her European trips in the early 80’s, her smile says it all and that is what I remember most from her.

Even in her later years and illnesses I remember she could always light up the room with her smile, even though she was too blind to see it returned, I know she did see and feel our love and especially that of my Uncle and Aunt who cared for her endlessly over the last many years.

I’m sure she is smiling down now on us now saying, “Thank you so much for everything, I’m off traveling now, there is so much to see here.” and for that I am happy for her knowing she is in a better place and that I will one day join her, till then I’ll keep dicovering this planet with a smile, she would not want it any other way.

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