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Living legends, today


We were very fortunate to have finished up closing the house when we did as when we got here to the home be are temporarily staying with was planning on going to a medieval reenacted festival in a near by area so we were glad to be able to come along. It just so happened that every 20th of August this town throws an big fair remembering the time period that this amazing castle dates to and everyone from the village and even some from nearby countries (knights) dress up and make the town as if it was still the 16th century it was pretty amazing and very stunningly beautiful land of hills and small farm towns with this incredible castle structure jetting halfway off the cliff and a jousting area, archery and knights tents and weapons was very intriguing for young and old alike and we all had a blast.
If that were not enough for one day we also were able to get to visit the caves that were only a few kilometers away which would have been enough to see and absorb for one day each but we had gotten passes and well, we were already all the way there so we took advantage of this double-header treat to see that as well. I’d been to a big cave/ underground passages before while back in Ohio that was really neat with small passageways but this was incredible in the vastness and scale of this place under the ground and even a train ride a few kilometers and walking some more seeing some of the nearly 20km worth of passageways that there is, some even above others like giant underground mall filled with stalactites and other amazing rock formations forming under the ground. It was only 8c (45f) under the ground so despite it being a nice summer day above ground it was kind of cold, at least for 2hours under ground in sandals and shorts but a great time no the less. Some rooms are so big that they hold Christmas and New Years concerts down there and at one time the rich used to hold balls during the 1800’s. All in all it was one of those once in a lifetime days that just falls into place and you are just so thankful to have been a part of and experience more of this amazing world.

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