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A Charmed life comes to a close… and new beginnings


Caption: These kiddos left yesterday and wanted one last picture with their pet puppy Brownie that they left behind with a neighbor. Like their pet these kids have been practically born and raised with our team here and this is the first time for them to move to anther situation, their great troopers though and will do well.

Yes, it has come to that. The one thing certain in missionary life is change and we’ve been very fortunate to have had relatively little but now it seems inevitable and we have yet to know where the winds of change will take us.
We’ve had a little home in this Eastern Europe country since the fall of ’99, we called it CHARM and it really was a charmed place at times. It was not without its adversities, tests, setbacks, disappointments and tests but we always came though with His help. Recently we had visiting one of the “founders” who help us open and start the work here 6 years ago who is now gong to another field and we took a mental journey back through those times when we did not have a car and had to hitch-hick everywhere rain or shine or snow (as the local transport system then and even now is unreliable and expensive) even if it meant with 32 liters of donated fresh milk in backpacks (the company has since delivered it to our house every week since for 5 years now) or the trip I went on and carried a 12 kg freshly slaughtered and plucked turkey from a local farmer in a sports bag (there were few shopping centers that carried turkeys at the time, and the farmer was cheaper). We hitched a ride back home with it so that we could have a turkey for Christmas dinner with everyone. Times were tough but that night we were feasting like kings. There are endless stories and unusual things we did and miracles that happened as we as a bunch of young 20 something’s launched out to pioneer a missionary outpost in this country at a time when the country itself was just trying to get up on it’s feet after the end of the socialist era and war. We have long-time supporters who still help us to this day that we met hitching rides back then. Times have changed (we even have a car) we have gotten more established, set up a local NGO and things were looking like we were all set, that we were at least on our way to “arriving” living the fruits of our labors for years to come till His return, He had other plans.

Isn’t it great the way the Lord works to constantly keep us desperate? Well we have hit a visa snag so all of us have to leave for some time and work out longer visas or base from other centers and come for trips. It’s sad in a way but we’ve done all we could and now is time for change and launching out in the deep again not knowing were we are going. Even though some of us are hitting our 30’s or getting there fast we are not ready for a retirement plan yet and got some good years left to pioneer all over again if need be. We have some temporary teams taking us in but after that it’s anyone’s guess. Thankfully with this age of Internet we can continue to keep contact with all our friends and supporters and those helping to run our NGO in our absences as we put our “Isaac” on the alter and do as He tells us day by day.

If it proves anything it is that if he could keep and provide for us all this time and under these circumstances He can and will do so again for us and you too if you need it! We have nothing, yet we have everything, we are most richly blessed living the faith life.

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  1. August 5, 2006 at 7:50 am

    Yes, it is hard moving on, but as the famous saying goes, ‘they that love God will never meet for the last time’ and I glad to have known every person that stayed at our home either long-term or short. Who knows? Maybe we’ll end up a team again someday (the team we had now)…love you guys!

  2. August 6, 2006 at 8:33 pm

    will pray for you guys! I have lots of good memories working with you guys! I admire your faith and trust!

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