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time off and touring town

August 28, 2006 1 comment

I’ve been visiting Slovenia for about a week now but had not had time to go around much as we’ve been busy with our move and seeing where I will be next and all but today Silverwaters and I went to town and had whirlwind tour with only about two hours including traveling time. I’m posting this for those of my relatives that read this blog to show them that I’m still alive and well and I don’t like taking or posting pics of me, but it was a beautiful location and nice trip to town. RESPECT!


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bogging rock, EuRock II

August 26, 2006 Leave a comment

Not I, but the wonderful Haven is in real time as it is going on all this week till Wednesday next. Find out what is happening, what bands are playing and more for EuRock ’06. It’s a great use for blogging and she is there at ground zero to give it to us who were not able to go.

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A look at nature

August 26, 2006 Leave a comment

I was with kids all day today so took some nature shots.

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Living legends, today

August 24, 2006 Leave a comment


We were very fortunate to have finished up closing the house when we did as when we got here to the home be are temporarily staying with was planning on going to a medieval reenacted festival in a near by area so we were glad to be able to come along. It just so happened that every 20th of August this town throws an big fair remembering the time period that this amazing castle dates to and everyone from the village and even some from nearby countries (knights) dress up and make the town as if it was still the 16th century it was pretty amazing and very stunningly beautiful land of hills and small farm towns with this incredible castle structure jetting halfway off the cliff and a jousting area, archery and knights tents and weapons was very intriguing for young and old alike and we all had a blast.
If that were not enough for one day we also were able to get to visit the caves that were only a few kilometers away which would have been enough to see and absorb for one day each but we had gotten passes and well, we were already all the way there so we took advantage of this double-header treat to see that as well. I’d been to a big cave/ underground passages before while back in Ohio that was really neat with small passageways but this was incredible in the vastness and scale of this place under the ground and even a train ride a few kilometers and walking some more seeing some of the nearly 20km worth of passageways that there is, some even above others like giant underground mall filled with stalactites and other amazing rock formations forming under the ground. It was only 8c (45f) under the ground so despite it being a nice summer day above ground it was kind of cold, at least for 2hours under ground in sandals and shorts but a great time no the less. Some rooms are so big that they hold Christmas and New Years concerts down there and at one time the rich used to hold balls during the 1800’s. All in all it was one of those once in a lifetime days that just falls into place and you are just so thankful to have been a part of and experience more of this amazing world.

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Hot coffee

August 22, 2006 Leave a comment


Rough translation: “Wake you…then head until five”, the word GLAVE is the word for a head and not NASTAVITI as in to head somewhere. I’m sure it makes sense in Croatian but to have head till five sounds like a Viagra add in English. Not sure what that means but even if the coffee is lousy the billboard will wake you up when driving down the road to work for sure. In small it said in English “premium coffee with milk”, not sure how they came up with this idea of using a topless girl with coffee-can curlers and big (o)(o) to sell canned coffee but it’s an interesting piece of marketing and proof that S-E-X sells even something that I can’t find on store selves yet.

An island of hope

August 22, 2006 Leave a comment


Before we closed down the home we had a lot of extra clothes and toys and had been hoping to visit the Roma (gypsy) village I wrote about before so we finally made time for it and took two truckloads of useful items we had for them including clothing, bedding, winter blankets, household items and toys for the children. Again I was impressed with the orderliness of the children we brought school supplies and cuddlies for them and the patiently waited their turn, the younger ones even holding hands waiting their turn while the school-aged kids got notebooks, pencils and erasers for the start of school next month. Another thing that struck me was how appreciative they were for the simplest of things as they really live a simple life on the margins of society, while public school is provided for they do not have much else and used toys, dolls, tricycles, and new toothbrushes were like having an early Christmas for them. We also distributed donated glassware to each of the 15 households that make up this “village” as well as fresh milk and childcare material in the local language. It is always fun to visit this place as despite there ethnic background and lifestyle they have found their own way and created for themselves and there families an island of hope and understanding free from crime, drugs and substance abuse so rampant in other gypsy villages and even some sub-circles of society at large.

We were inspired too by the improvements they’ve made even since our last visit as the village elder who started this village who is a builder added a bathroom and living room addition to his small house to improve the living conditions as they have 11 extended family members that until now had to trek to the outhouse in the forest. This is the first such bathroom I have ever heard of in a gypsy village and he hopes to repeat the idea to the other houses in their community and has appealed to us for donated bricks to be able to make this a reality sooner for the other households too before the winter months set in.

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packing, packing, packing

August 17, 2006 Leave a comment

Well, I’ve been really busy packing and doing fit-it jobs before we give back the keys tomorrow on this house we’ve been using for the past nearly 3 years, it’s amazing the amount of stuff one collects staying in one place. tomorrow bring new changes and new surprises yet to discover, it’s like dieing but that’s life and I’m willing to tackle some new challenges.

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