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Wars and rumors of more


Well I have not posted much lately on my “World on a wire” topic of this blog but it has not been for lack of content in the news rather it’s been that so much has been happening that I have not had the time to clearly put my thoughts and news links on here.
Here is a interesting cartoon I came upon today online that really sums up the underlining reason for continual conflict in the Middle east – people blinded by their own pride and selfish reason and it is really the little guys that are hurt maimed and killed. now Lebanon too, who next? I for one will be continue to follow the news and world events and try to see how they fall in line with endtime events foretold in the Bible for it is getting closer every day.

Blind leaders of the blind leading there nations into a big ditch. There are none so blind as those that will not see! Let’s pray for the innocence and suffering during this time.

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