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Salt Of Earth – Album Review

soefront2.jpgWell, I’ve been waiting a long time to say this but finally there is another Family SGA rock band that has great new songs and what is more refreshing is that it is great even without Vas Myers in it.

Unfortunately until now apart from Fool Moon there has never really been a band that holds up and produces a whole album of unforgettable songs that was not a “Vas band”.

While not as groundbreaking as some of the previous rock CD’s introduced in the Family this band has a great level of rich wording and musical charisma all it’s own.

This first self titled album really is a mix of feelings both internal refection and outward reaching and warning of impending doom to American, the field they are trying to reach.

From the when the Prophet staffs start pounding to the last few notes of These Cries you have 13 wonderful songs that inspire and stir the soul inward, (Creation, Face The Light, Mountain Top) reflect on the blessings of Family life (Welcome To My World), our unique calling and also a warning message to the world (This is War, I Choose to Stand, Eagle) and why we are different and to be separate from the world as well as why we are persecuted for it (Why You Hate Me).

Really hope they are able to stay together and produce some more great music and I’m glad Mark Osborne has been able to use his talents in this band since the short lived Dwellers band days, this was a good fit for him and I hope he continues with Salt as chances to build sold bands like this do not come every day and he is a big part of it musically no doubt.

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  1. Neo
    June 14, 2007 at 3:44 pm

    These guys are the best.

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