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The battle for minds and lives

July 30, 2006 1 comment


Just a pic I did today, tired of all the bad news in the M.E driving a moderate country into a new generation of violence.


Podium finish

July 25, 2006 2 comments


This is a photograph I took in the spring while out around in our rural settings I did not think much except that you don’t run into horse prints “with meaning” to often. Then this photography site I’m part of was doing a contest for SOIL so I submitted this one for the contest. I checked up on it the other day and found I had gotten 3rd place, YEAH! Well I’m still shooting for 1st one day but I’ve contributed many pictures to their different contests and gotten 4th, 5th, 8th and it is nice to see that the trend is going the other way as I learn as I go.

Photography is just a hobby but it’s interesting and rewarding if people (members of this club)vote positively for my work. To view a larger version of “Horseshoe Heart” or visit my gallery of nearly 100 pictures to date click on the image. Nearly all have been taken during the course of my volunteer work in eastern Europe in the last few years.

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Close incounters of the Bush kind

July 20, 2006 Leave a comment


This is an interesting film I found on YouTube, not sure if everyone seen it (most have at least once) but it is pretty good. It seems this G8 meeting is really showing a “personalble” side to President Bush from his “open mic” incident with britins Tony Blair to this surprize shoulder rub on the German Chancellorette during one of their G8 summit meetings in Moscow last week. I’m starting to warm up to this guy and it is almost a shame he won’t be around to run for four more years of public office, it’s just strting to get interesting. But then again if I just want laughs I’ll stuck to Comedy Central and not the most powerful leader in the world being a public relations nightmare. (Click on picture to watch the video clip)  

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Wars and rumors of more

July 17, 2006 Leave a comment


Well I have not posted much lately on my “World on a wire” topic of this blog but it has not been for lack of content in the news rather it’s been that so much has been happening that I have not had the time to clearly put my thoughts and news links on here.
Here is a interesting cartoon I came upon today online that really sums up the underlining reason for continual conflict in the Middle east – people blinded by their own pride and selfish reason and it is really the little guys that are hurt maimed and killed. now Lebanon too, who next? I for one will be continue to follow the news and world events and try to see how they fall in line with endtime events foretold in the Bible for it is getting closer every day.

Blind leaders of the blind leading there nations into a big ditch. There are none so blind as those that will not see! Let’s pray for the innocence and suffering during this time.

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July 15, 2006 1 comment


President Bush is over here in Europe visiting Germany and then Russia for the G8. Reuters got this great picture while he was visiting Germany. I don’t know much about kids but it seems to me that you’d want to show concern and not mock the crying kid for being insecure, but that is just me. Interesting picture anyways, kind of reminds me of the faces Robert DeNero’s character makes in the film Meet the Fockers with his tot grandson only bush is not acting in a film role.

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more pics

July 13, 2006 1 comment

I just found some more pics from the EXIT fest official site that have some of the team in them. To see them lager just click on the thumbnails and you’ll be directed to their pages, there are many more pics of the camp there.

 normal_picture-050.jpg Music on camp

normal_dsc_1530.jpg A mime with meaning


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July 11, 2006 1 comment

This was an incredible experience to be able to just burn free witnessing to lost and lonely youth for 4 days without all the cares and business of Family home life and just be able to concentrate on the needs of others. We camped right with all the festival revelers and endured all the shower lines and the fact that there were only about 100 portable plastic toilet outhouses for thousands of people which meant it was really, really bad news when nature called, but such is camping. There were people from all over the world coming to hear the big acts in the fortress on the other side of the river from the camping area but we had not come there for that and we put on our own show for all those who did not have tickets packed with rock’em songs, the box skit and a personal witness by one or more of our nearly 50 strong team of Family teens, young adults and older veterans that hardly anyone was able to escape and many people got multiple witnesses and I’m sure many lives will never be the same again.

There was never a dull moment and we were always “on stage” even during our morning united devotions and inspiration as a group of people singing always got attention and we’d have complete strangers come up and what to listen or join in and there was often small groups on the side witnessing to these curious that often got saved and left with a tract. From the time we got up till the time we got to sleep was nearly non-stop witnessing often into the wee hours of the night or early morning as there was always someone to talk to. Music was the key in this country on a scale like I’ve never seen before. We had many musicians who just played, played, played all day and there was never a dull moment for those who had a guitar or bongo to strike up a beat and sing a song. As soon as music was played people would just get magnetized and just sit there wanting more, from students to Wicca’s to druggies and shop keepers everyone was drawn to the music. We even took to the city square one night and had a real blast witnessing to all the local young people milling around on Friday night just getting drunk but soon they too took the invitation to “come along and join our gypsy caravan” with songs and gypsy dancing and got saved and many continued to visit us every night at the camp after that and were able to meet the rest of the team and see our way of life and communal living sample that really flipped them out.

The last afternoon I left camp with some others and we were approached by some people who asked if we had a little extra money we could give them as they were trying to get enough money to get in to the concerts last night and were selling some of there own art on a park bench that was not going very well. We only had a few cents worth of local money on us that one of the guys was using to tap on his bongos that he gladly gave to them but we got more into talking to them and found that two of them were real Christians and already believed in the spirit world and prophesy but felt alone in their faith and that none of the local churches felt the same way. The woman (Dima) had had drug problems in the resent past and has a two year old daughter and is trying to get her life on track and the guy (Sasha) has lung problems (only in his 30’s) from excessive smoking that he can’t stop. We invited them over to our camp later and got a good team together to pray for them as they both wanted to be delivered from these oppressing addictions and it was a real special time for them praying and hearing from the Lord and one of the teens got his first prophesy for others right there for them and it was a real moving time and Sasha commented that it was better then any drug trip and he felt really light and tranquil. They just stayed and continued to soak up the love and fellowship singing songs together and they did not leave camp till after 5am reluctantly and only after exchanging emails and making sure that they can continue to stay in touch with their new found brothers and sisters in Christ. It always amazes me the set-ups that the Lord engineers for us to be of help others at just the right time in their lives.

This is just my little account of events, there were so many that no blog could really contain them all but I’m sure there will be many more stories and pictures posted on blogs, sites and publications in the near future that will be more comprehensive. I did not take many pictures as it was not my main reason for going and the Lord told me to concentrate more on witnessing and so I just took a few basic ones but there were others who took extensive pictures that will no doubt be posted and published in the GV and Link, so keep tithing. For those of you who are reading this for the first time and want to know more about us and what motivates us to give our lives for others I recommend you to visit these site links the family and live the creed that is a ongoing blog of life in the Family International.


Devotions the first day.


The beach packed with young people and the river and fortress in the background


A modern adaptation of the box skit that showed what the hollowness of life lived for yourself can be like a prison.


A great bunch of guys on the team that had crazy faith and did all kinds of things to attract a crowd and witness day and night.

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