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It’s the music

I just got a hold of a lot of Family Inde (independent productions as not on TCD’s/ funded studios etc) music MP#’s/ video clips on my trip that I’ve been listening to. It really is incredible what our musicians have come up with. There is a lot of stuff and frankly some of it makes you thankful for the TCD compilers who have to go through it all but there is some really great stuff too that I don’t know why they’ve never been reproduced for a larger audience that do not know were the downloading sites are. One that comes to mind is “NEVER” by David (The Glitch) I’ve heard it before and saw it was performed at EuRock ’05 but it really is a heavy song. That song would make a great anthem for the tribulation for all Christians the world over who will suffer persecution or go to the lions or other martyrdom knowing that their spirits will never be squelched. Another stand-out in this pile of tracks I got is WHY YOU HATE ME (Salt of the Earth) maybe it is just because I just came back from a PR seminar but it is really great words and a hell breaking beat. The main reason we get persecution is not so much for our beliefs as it is that we are drop-outs and show others that it is possible to not be a part of the matrix system grind others are duped to believe is the only way. Jesus’ only message was love and get he got it and even got killed, because he showed there was another way then the mainstream. I think this will be my theme song for the up coming rock concert I’ll be going to attend to reach the youth and find some other drop-outs even if it is WHY YOU HATE ME, I hope to be able to stand strong and even to my last breath be able to shout NEVER! 

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  1. Neo
    June 14, 2007 at 3:47 pm

    Never is so powerful. I wish they’d put it on a TCD!

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